Kwanlin Dün Community Services Department

Some of the KDFN Community Services Department staff in the summer of 2008, at the housing office.


Community Services is responsible for all houses, community buildings and infrastructure that belong to the Kwanlind Dün First Nation. We provide some municipal services to the KDFN communities that are not serviced by the City Of Whitehorse.

This means that Community Services oversees the maintenance of all Kwanlin Dün houses as well as the maintenance and operation of all community buildings which includes all of the KDFN offices, The Main Administration Building, Ashea Daycare, the Housing Office, Na Kwa Ta Ku Potlatch House, House of Learning, and the Justice office. It also includes the Jackson lake camp and the building that houses the water truck at lot 226.

Providing service to the communities including Marsh Lake, Robinson, Crow and Swan Streets, Carcross Road, Long lake road, Fish Lake road, Mile 932 old Alaska Highway, Lot 226, (Old Village) and MacIntyre Subdivision.