Health - Services

Health Centre

The KDFN Health Centre continues to be the only First Nation operated Health Centre north of the 60th parallel. The Health Centre is also unique in its integration of programming that forms a continuous stream from pre-birth to death.

Some program initiatives include the Walking Club, chronic condition screening, health promotion activities and traditional knowledge sharing. Healthy Aboriginal Adult and the Injury & Illness Prevention programs are delivered by nurses and community health representatives (CHR). Consultants and other professionals may be brought into the community from time to time to provide special services, information and to deliver programs.

Counselling Services

We have four counsellors providing services to children, youth, adults, couples, families, and elders. Counselling is free and confidential. You can come in by yourself, or bring a family member or a friend. You could also ask one of the other Health Centre staff or nurses to introduce you to a counsellor. You could also be referred by another person in the community.

Come by during Health Centre hours or call 668-7289 for an appointment.

Lunch 'n' Learn

The Lunch 'n' Learn Program presents topics and discussions over lunch hours on a variety of holistic health issues. Lunch is provided at the health centre on the second, third and fourth Wednesdays of the month and everyone is welcome to attend. The third Wednesday Lunch 'n' Learn will be dedicated to a specific disease or condition, such as Living with Diabetes or Heart Disease.


The KDFN Home & Community Care Program delivers nursing and support services to elders and others requiring ongoing case management for chronic conditions or other medical situations. Service delivery provides clients with a consistent, comprehensive and client centered assessment of need, utilizing other health disciplines or agencies when required. This program which involves home visits, assessments, surveillance, and managed referrals is aimed at improving the quality of life for community members by promoting resilience, motivation and independence.

Parents and Children

Child, Youth and Family Health believes a strong community begins with healthy children and families. Healthy Babies, Healthy Generations (HBHG) is designed to support parents throughout their pregnancy and for the first 18 months of baby's life. This includes services such as prenatal care, labor and delivery teaching, monthly luncheons, post-partum care and well-baby clinics.

Immunizations: in addition to the well baby clinics that provide developmental screens, health checks and information, immunizations are given to babies at 2, 4, 6 12 and 18 months of age. These are followed by booster immunizations before your child starts school. Adult immunizations available at the Health Centre include the Flu Vaccine, Pneumovax and Tetanus boosters. Tuberculosis (TB) screening tests are also available following a consultation with the community health nurse.

Reproductive Health

Sexual Health Information means understanding your body and how it works. When you understand your body, you can make better choices about sexual activities and health. Counselling, referrals, pregnancy testing and the Emergency Contraceptive Pill are available from the nurse at the Health Centre. Being knowledgeable about sexually transmitted infections can help you protect yourself and your partner from disease. Communicable Disease Control including information, counseling and referrals for testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STI's) are available from the nurse. Testing and treatment of some STI's will be implemented in the future at the Health Centre.


Health Centre clinic services are available on a drop-in basis Monday to Friday from 08:30 - 1:00 - A nurse is available to provide health assessments, on-going health monitoring, teaching and education, assistance with illness management, communicable disease control and immunizations, referrals and support. Appointments may also be made in advance.

A Doctor's Clinic at the KDFN Health Centre is now available to those clients who do not have a family doctor. A GP offers a clinic once a week and appointments can be made through the Home & Community Care nurse.

Outreach Van

The NFA Outreach Van started as a mobile community outreach program aimed at meeting a variety of health, safety and social needs to a specific sector of the Whitehorse community. The concept for this outreach program originated from within the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (SAPC): a diverse team of community-minded persons, including Government, NGO's (non-governmental organizations), First Nations and Youth who take a leadership role in increasing awareness, response and involvement of the community in substance abuse/misuse issues. Street-involved youth and adults who are unable to, or choose not to, access existing health services are the target population of the NFA Outreach Van.

Kwanlin Dun Health Services employ the Outreach Van nurses. They provide health education to clients related to wound management, sexual health, vein care and infection prevention. Nurses provide on-site wound management through cleaning and dressing. Finally, nurses advocate to doctors and other medical professionals for appropriate services on behalf of van clients.