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KDFN News Center

KDFN COVID-19 Updates


This page is the best place to learn about Kwanlin Dün First Nation service delivery throughout the COVID-19 (coronavirus) global pandemic.

Updated May 1, 2020

KDFN staff directory
Natsékhi Kų̀ Health Centre coronavirus fact sheet

Government of Canada Information

Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan
Canada’s Covid-19 Measures to Help Canadians
COVID-19 Outreach Resource Links
Government of Canada information about coronavirus (COVID-19)
Information about physical distancing
Information about self-isolation
Public Health Agency of Canada Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information
Service Canada Resources

Government of Yukon Information

Counselling and crisis support - Government of Yukon
Information about travel
Information for public school students and families
Yukon government information about coronavirus (COVID-19)

Other Helpful Resources

•First People’s Wellness Circle information on mental health during COVID-19 for community, Parents and Children, Health Professionals, and Elders and Seniors.


As we adapt to the rapidly changing situation presented by COVID-19, our primary concern is protecting the health of citizens, clients and staff while also doing our best to offer essential services.


March 27 Order in Council – COVID-19 April Relief Measures

March 24 message to citizens by Chief Doris Bill

All Kwanlin Dün office doors are locked and closed to the public.

KDFN government operations continue during regular business hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Protocols are in place to ensure appropriate physical distancing among staff, citizens and clients.

Wherever possible, staff are working from home with phones call-forwarded. If you know the person or department you are trying to reach, please try by telephone or email.

If you’re not sure what number to call, call the KDFN main phone – 633-7800 ext. 0.

Departmental contacts and updates

Administration:  633-7800 ext. 0
•All cheques will be mailed
•Mail can be dropped off in the mailbox beside the door

Community Services:  633-7833 ext. 0
•Open Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 4:30. Closed at lunch hour.
•Garbage pick-up, chimney cleaners, snow removal, water delivery services continue on regular schedule
•All April 2020 rent payments for KDFN housing are waived (free)

Education:  633-8422 ext. 0
•For employment, training or education help, staff are available by phone, email or internet appointments. Please call 633-8422 ext. 501
•Dusk’a Head Start Family Learning Centre is closed until further notice
•Kenädän Kų̀ House of Learning is closed to the public
•The after school tutoring program has been postponed until further notice

Income Support / Pathways (SA): 633-8422 ext. 0
•All Income Support / SA benefit cheques are being mailed.
•To update your mailing address, call 633-8422 ext. 0
•Income Support / SA applications and blank Client Report Cards (CRC) are available outside the front door of the House of Learning
•There is a secure mail box – ready to accept your recent Atco bills, wood receipts and pay stubs
•If you have questions about your Income Support Benefits Services, Call 633-8422 ext. 0 and ask to talk to your Income Support Worker
Counselling and crisis support - Government of Yukon

Finance/HR:  633-7800 ext. 0
•All regular finance operations continue
•All cheques will be mailed
•Job interviews continuing via either phone or video chat

Health:  867-668-7289
•To speak with a nurse, call 867-333-9550
Health Centre Service Reduction Plan
Coronavirus information
•Non-insured Health Benefits Navigator: 867-334-5656
Mental wellness or substance use counselling (Monday to Friday): 867-456-3838
Information about face masks

Heritage, Lands & Resources
•Most staff are working from home. Please contact who you need directly via email.
•Land Stewards are assisting Community Safety Officers with community patrols: 867-332-9551

Justice:  867-334-1803
Interim protocol during pandemic
•Community Safety Officers remain on patrol: 867-332-9551 **this is not a 24-hour phone line**
•KDFN Child & Family Liaison (Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 4:30): 867-334-1803
•YG Child and Family Services team available by phone: 667-3002 **24-hour phone line**
•Youth Recreation programming cancelled until further notice
•RCMP non-emergency: 667-5555