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KDFN Traditional Territory Land Vision Update

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Click here to view the video: “KDFN Traditional Territory Land Vision Update” This video provides an update on the KDFN Land Vision as well as clean-up efforts on Lots 226 and R-16A.

Between 2014 and Fall 2017, Kwanlin Dün First Nation’s Economic Development and Lands departments, together with the Chu Níikwän Development Corporation, undertook two significant projects as a part of the inspection and clean-up efforts of various KDFN settlement land parcels:

1.  R-16A: This parcel is located at Kilometre 1449 of the Alaska Highway. It required cleanup as a result of it being used as an unauthorized dumping site and shooting range.
2.  Lot 226: Also known as the “Old Village”, located in the Marwell industrial area of Whitehorse. KDFN had crews and equipment clean up garbage and debris at this site that had accumulated from unauthorized use.

The Kwanlin Dün First Nation Land Vision was developed with direction from Kwanlin Dün First Nation citizens. Its guiding principles are:
- Respect
- Caring for the land
- Considering future generations
- Cooperation
- Community

There are three fundamental pillars of the Land Vision:


Click here to view the Kwanlin Dün First Nation Land Vision