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Yukon Land Titles Act Amendments Announced

Government of Yukon announced its amendments to the Yukon Land Titles Act at the Government of Kwanlin Dün Main Administration building.

The amendments announced include a major regulation change that allows settlement land and leases to be registered in the Yukon Land Titles Office.  This is now an option for all Yukon First Nation governments, should they choose. 

It was always the intention of the visionaries of Kwanlin Dün self-government and land claim negotiations that KDFN settlement land be available for its citizens forever.
Also, that KDFN land and its resources bring prosperity to the First Nation while Aboriginal rights and title on settlement land be retained forever.
Once Kwanlin Dün settlement land leases can be registered in an independent Land Tiles Office, the economic potential of settlement lands can be more fully developed by the government of Kwanlin Dün and KDFN citizens. 

The work has been to ensure that settlement land retain its Aboriginal rights and title.  With this regulation change Aboriginal rights and title remain on settlement land after leases expire or the land is unregistered.   

The Government of Kwanlin Dün and the governments of Yukon and Canada must first complete an amendment to the KDFN self-government agreement.  The Government of Kwanlin Dün must also finalise its land leasing policy before the full potential of settlement land is available for wealth creation on behalf of citizens and before citizens who qualify may obtain mortgages to build homes. There is more work to be done, but this is a big step in unlocking the economic development potential of settlement land while retaining Aboriginal rights and title. 

For more information on the Land Registry visit Land Registry Information Sheet - Citizen Update

Media Announcement - July 5 in the KDFN Council Chambers: (L-R) Yukon Minister of Justice Brad Cathers, Chief Doris Bill, Yukon Premier Darryl Pasloski

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