Our Language Vision

Kwanlin Dün First Nation languages are spoken, valued and thriving within our homes, communities and Traditional Territory.


Our Language Goals

  • Build relationships with KDFN families and individuals
    • Develop language and culture together…we need to embrace our culture and language again (KDFN Elder’s Council Meeting, 2018)
  • Increase the number and fluency of KDFN Indigenous Language speakers
    • In the Yukon, it is paramount to immediately create new generations of fluent speakers with the higher levels of language proficiency needed to pass on the language  to future generations. To create speakers to work in future immersion programs such as nests, camps, schools and in-community programs (Jules, 2018)


Language and Culture Connectors

The Language and Culture Department at KDFN work to provide KDFN citizens and students with Kwanlin Dün First Nation Culture and language support.

The KDFN Language and Culture Connectors incorporate culture and language into community and schools through language and culture programming and promoting special opportunities for cultural connections.


For more info, contact:

Krista Dempster

Associate Director of Education and Social Development

Kwanlin Dün First Nation

Kenädän Kų̀ – House of Learning

Office: (867) 633-8422 ext. 516

Cell: (867) 335-6569