Post-Secondary Students

Post-Secondary Education Program

The Post-Secondary Education Program provides financial and educational support to KDFN citizens who are interested in pursuing post-secondary studies. The program is designed to be supportive and flexible, subject to the availability of funds.

KDFN recognizes that students follow different paths to complete their post-secondary education and expects all students to commit to their post-secondary studies and achieve their goals. For students who want to attend a post-secondary institution or related program, and who don’t know what they are interested in, career counselling is available at Kenädän Ku.

The Post-Secondary Education Program is delivered in a fair, open and equitable manner, and applied consistently in accordance with the guidelines, standards and practices set out in this policy.

Click here to download the Post-Secondary Program Policy.

Each student applying for post-secondary funding will be required to provide an outline of their end goal (certificate, diploma, degree) and how they plan to achieve that goal.

KDFN Education staff will work with individual students to plan their post-secondary education by setting realistic goals, and discussing ways to be successful in achieving their education.

To be eligible for financial assistance from the Post-Secondary Education Program, students must:

  1. be a KDFN citizen (Refer to the policy for definition of “Citizen”)
  2. be enrolled in or have been accepted for enrolment in a program of study at a recognized and accredited institution, and
  3. be in good financial standing with KDFN (does not owe the First Nation money, does not have rental arrears, etc.).

Note: The financial support provided by KDFN for post-secondary education is not meant to cover all of the expenses incurred by students. Students must apply to other sources of funding such as grants, bursaries, scholarships, awards, fellowships or student loans, to ensure they have adequate funding.

Applicants are required to complete and submit an application package to the KDFN Post-Secondary Program Coordinator on or before the respective deadlines. The Application package requires the student to provide details such as personal information, an education plan and a budget forecast.


Post-Secondary application packages can be picked up at Kenädän Ku and submitted in person or sent to

For questions or requests for assistance with the application package, contact the Post-Secondary Program Coordinator at 867-633-8422.

The student must submit a copy of the letter of acceptance from their post-secondary institution to the KDFN Post-Secondary Program Coordinator to finalize the funding process. A letter of acceptance states the program the student is enrolled in the current year of enrolment.

Approved applicants must provide the KDFN Post-Secondary Program Coordinator with a summary of results after each semester in order to continue sponsorship/funding. Results shall be submitted at Christmas, the end of the academic year, and/or when requested by the KDFN Post-Secondary Program Coordinator.

High school students preparing for their first year of post-secondary education will submit their final marks at the end of the school year.

Official transcripts are required upon completion of a program; unofficial transcripts are required when submitting applications for funding.

The KDFN Education Department must be kept up to date on the educational status of currently-funded students. Approved applicants must sign and return a Student Sponsorship Agreement.

We encourage you to apply as early as possible.

Applications must be received at least four weeks before your program start date.

For example, if your program begins on September 9, 2022, you need to apply before August 12th.

The KDFN Education staff will assist and support students with the development of career plans, education plans or employment plans.

KDFN encourages citizens with post-secondary education to use their skills towards the growth and development of the Self-Governing First Nation.

For more information about the KDFN Post-Secondary Education Program, please call Kenädän Ku at (867) 633-8422 to book an appointment with the Post-Secondary Program Coordinator.