The Elders’ Bus is primarily used to transport groups of Kwanlin Dün Elders to funerals, potlatches and other outings requested by the Elders’ Council.

Kwanlin Dün departments may book the bus for Elders’ activities, but must be aware that the booking may be cancelled if the bus is needed to transport Elders to a funeral or potlatch.

Kwanlin Dün Elders have seating priority on the bus. Caregivers may accompany the Elder on the bus depending on seat availability. Occasionally, a citizen or a non-Kwanlin Dün Elder may be transported if there are empty seats.

The Elders’ Bus is not available for rent by other First Nations.

Mandatory Driver Training for the Elders’ Bus

To drive the Kwanlin Dün Elders’ Bus or vans to transport Kwanlin Dün citizens, the driver employee must:

  • have a valid driver’s licence as required by the Government of Yukon
  • a current drivers’ abstract
  • be in good health
  • have up-to date immunizations and a TB test
  • have a recent criminal record check
  • successfully complete a mandatory training program
  • have current first aid and CPR training
  • have training to transport dangerous goods if required (the health driver transports bodily fluids from the health centre to the hospital laboratory)
  • take a hazard assessment and control training course
  • pass a winter driving course