Caring for our Land, Water and Animals

KDFN’s Lands and Resources Department is responsible for monitoring Kwanlin Dün Traditional Territory in partnership with other government agencies. This includes records management, policy development, budgeting, proposal writing, preparation of briefings, and intergovernmental communication.

Compliance and enforcement

  • Enforcing Kwanlin Dün legislation and legal agreements.
  • Hunting, fishing and trapping on KDFN Settlement Land; accepted land uses; Category A and B land use etiquette.

Land steward program

  • “On the land” stewardship
  • Educating citizens and visitors on the appropriate use of and respect for the land.

Fish and wildlife

  • Recording information on structures, illegal and legal activity on settlement land, fish and wildlife habitat and traplines.

Natural Resources Management

  • Wildlife management planning, hunt permitting, habitat protection, and legislative review.
  • Developing and implementing reclamation plans
  • Forest, mining, oil & gas and water resource management legislation, policy and program review and development projects with Government of Yukon.

Kwanlin Dün’s land stewards are responsible for taking care of KDFN’s settlement land parcels.

Their important work helps KDFN decide which parcels of land need remediation work the most. Their presence also ensures that KDFN is visible on the land, and that any unauthorized use of settlement land can be addressed quickly and safely.

Permit to hunt elk on Kwanlin Dün Settlement Land


Yukon licensed elk hunters need a Kwanlin Dün First Nation Access Permit to hunt elk on Kwanlin Dün First Nation Settlement Land.


To receive your permit, please email Brandy Mayes at


In your email, please include a PDF copy of your:

  • Yukon hunting license;
  • Yukon elk permit;
  • Yukon elk seal; and
  • Your contact number


If you have any questions, please contact Brandy Mayes at the Heritage, Lands and Resources Department. Call: (867) 336-3316 or email:


Note: Our office is currently closed to the public. All elk access permits will only be issued online.

Brandy Mayes, Operations & Fish and Wildlife Manager (867) 336-3316
Bruce Wilson, Land Steward Officer (867) 334-8990
Cheyenne Bradley, Land Steward Officer (867) 332-6419