Land Management

Kwanlin Dün Council passed Nän K’uk – the new Lands Act on March 3, 2020. The Act gives KDFN authority to manage, protect and enforce laws on settlement land. It will come into force on October 15, 2020, and allow KDFN to make land available to meet the residential needs of Beneficiaries and Citizens on settlement lands.


The Heritage, Lands and Resource Department (HLRD) is developing policies and rules within the Act, as well as a Land Registry, which all need to be in place before the department can administer the Act and open the land application process.


Click on the following links to download the draft Lands Act and Lands Act Regulations:

Lands Act

Lands Act Summary

Lands Act Regulations

Lands Act Regulations Summary

What is settlement land?

Settlement land is land identified in the KDFN Final Agreement. KDFN owns and manages its settlement land.

How much settlement land does KDFN have?

KDFN owns 264 parcels of settlement land. In total, there are 1,042 km² of settlement land. 84 parcels of settlement land are within the City of Whitehorse, which is approximately 24 km².

What are the different types of settlement land?

There are three designations of settlement land:

Rural (R), Community (C) and Site-Specific (S) Lands.

Rural (R) Lands are large parcels of land outside the City of Whitehorse. KDFN has 51 parcels of Rural Lands, covering 1,004 km² of its settlement land.

Community (C) Lands are parcels of land within and near the City of Whitehorse. KDFN has 103 parcels of Community Lands, covering 30 km² of its settlement land.

Site-Specific (S) Lands are small parcels mostly outside the City of Whitehorse. KDFN has 109 parcels of Site-Specific Lands, covering 5.9 km² of its settlement land.

Are there different categories of settlement land?

Yes. There are three categories of settlement land: Category A, Category B and Fee Simple.

KDFN owns the surface and the subsurface rights (minerals, oil and gas) to Category A Land.

KDFN owns the surface, but not the subsurface rights to Category B Land.

KDFN holds title to Fee Simple Land. All Fee Simple Land has a certificate of title and is registered in the Yukon Land Titles Office.

How does the Lands Act protect settlement land?

The Lands Act provides KDFN with the authority to manage settlement land, including protecting settlement land against unauthorized uses, environmental damage, trespassing, pollution and littering.

Where does the Lands Act apply?

The Lands Act applies to all KDFN settlement land. It does not apply to non-settlement land within KDFN’s Traditional Territory.