Rent a Fleet Vehicle

The Kwanlin Dün First Nation operates a fleet of 3 vehicles that can be rented by KDFN departments for official activities, as well as by Kwanlin Dün citizens for funeral or burial potlatch ceremonies.

Driver Requirements

  • current Class 5 drivers’ licence and current drivers’ abstract filed with the KDFN Human Resources Department
  • Deposit of $250 (rental is $50/day)
  • Current Class 4 drivers’ licence and current drivers’ abstract filed with the KDFN Human Resources Department
  • No deposit (rental is $50/day)
  • Current Class 4 drivers’ licence and current drivers’ abstract filed with the KDFN Human Resources Department,
  • Deposit of $250 (no rental fee)
  • Completion of mandatory driver training

How to book a fleet vehicle

  1. Book ahead of time by calling Community Services at 867-633-7833 ext. 401. Fleet vehicles are schedule on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Ensure the driver is a licenced KDFN employee with a current drivers’ licence and abstract filed with Human Resources and Community Services.
  3. A $250.00 Damage Deposit is required. $200.00 will be returned if the vehicle is returned in as good condition as when it left the lot. See Kwanlin Dün’s Vehicle Policy  for further details that apply. Fees can be paid by cash, credit or debit card.
  4. Sign documentation at the Community Services Office.

Driver and passenger rules

Renters, drivers and passengers are not allowed to:

  • take any Kwanlin Dün vehicle without proper authorization
  • smoke inside in the vehicle
  • transport pets
  • use cellphones or other electronic devices while driving
  • drive a Kwanlin Dün vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • transport drugs or alcohol
  • pick up unauthorized friends, family members or hitchhikers
  • transport meat, fish, other foods or liquids that are not properly stored in securely closed containers
  • transport hazardous or dangerous goods without proper training and authorization.

Returning vehicles

All vehicles must be returned to the Community Services compound or other assigned area after use.

Vehicle renters will:

  • ensure the vehicle is clean
  • fill the fuel tank
  • promptly return the keys to the Community Services office

Upon return, Community Services will inspect the vehicle and note:

  • kilometres on the vehicle
  • cleanliness inside and out
  • fuel – has the tank been filled?
  • any scratches, dents or other defects
  • ensure the safety equipment is still in the vehicle

If any vehicle is returned to Community Services damaged, unclean, or without a full tank of fuel, the driver or the department using the vehicle will be charged accordingly.

Gas purchases

For Kwanlin Dün business travel, the user’s department will provide the driver with a purchase order or other means of paying for fuel. Receipts must be provided to Community Services upon return from a trip for verification. They must contain the following information:

  • vehicle licence plate number
  • renter’s department
  • appropriate coding
  • number of fill-ups
  • an authorized signature

All trip/mileage claims will be submitted to the Finance Department during the last pay period of each month.


Drivers are responsible for paying all tickets and fines associated with parking, speeding or other traffic violation while driving a Kwanlin Dün vehicle. All drivers must abide by the distracted driving laws. A driver who has received a fine or ticket for a distracted driving offence or a driving while under the influence offence will be automatically suspended from driving Kwanlin Dün vehicles.

Transporting Youth

When transporting passengers in a Kwanlin Dün vehicle, the driver is responsible for the safety and well-being of all passengers and must ensure that:

  • all passengers are seated and wearing seat belts,
  • wheelchairs are properly and safely secured,
  • passengers are assisted in and out of the vehicle as needed,
  • all passengers are present and accounted for,
  • all passengers have safely exited the vehicle once they arrived at their destination,
  • no passengers are left behind,
  • if transporting children, the proper car seats or booster seats are in the vehicle, and that the children are secured safely.

Mandatory Driver Training for the Elders’ Bus

To drive the Kwanlin Dün Elders’ Bus or vans to transport Kwanlin Dün citizens, the driver employee must:

  • have a valid driver’s licence as required by the Government of Yukon
  • provide a current drivers’ abstract
  • be in good health
  • have up-to date immunizations and a TB test
  • provide a recent criminal record check
  • successfully complete a mandatory training program
  • have current first aid and CPR training
  • have the training to transport dangerous goods, if required
  • take a hazard assessment and control training course
  • pass a winter driving course