Restorative Justice

KDFN Justice develops and provides programs and services to KDFN citizens and families who are in conflict with the law or in need of support from victim services, probation, or court-related services.

Building on past success, we will be developing restorative justice options for dealing with child welfare, victim services, policing, courts or corrections related issues.

What is Restorative Justice?

It is an alternative approach to justice that focuses on repairing relationships and the harm caused by a crime or transgression. It holds the person who caused the harm accountable. And, it involves the person who commied the crime, those who were harmed, and the affected communities.

Restorative Justice:

• Is voluntary;
• Is confidential;
• Is held in a safe space;
• Is respectful and has informed consent from all participants;
• Holds the offender accountable; and
• Gives those who were harmed a voice in the outcome.

Kwanlin Dün’s Restorative Justice Program

Our program takes a holistic view of the justice system. It is based on traditional teachings. And, it works towards building a healthy community by:

• creating accountability;

• allowing those who were harmed to have a say in the out come; and

• working to lower recidivism rates.

Restorative Justice Approach

• Address harms that have occurred and subsequent needs of the person harmed;

• Address obligations that result from harms;

• Address the cause of the harm;

• Participation by all of those impacted by the incident;

• Balance concern for all;

• Use of collaborative outcomes.

Restorative Options Include:

• Victim Offender Mediation;

• Community Justice Forums;

• Empowerment/Healing Circles.

Indigenous court worker

203-2131 2nd Avenue


The Indigenous court worker assists persons involved in the criminal justice system in obtaining fair, just, equitable and culturally-sensitive treatment.

Justice support worker

203-2131 2nd Avenue


The justice support worker provides support using First Nation values, restorative justice principles and practices when possible to KDFN citizens, families and others in conflict with the law or who are in need of support from victim services, child welfare, probation, corrections or court-related services.

Youth/adult restorative justice diversion

4 O’Brien Place

867-633-7800 ext. 620

This program facilitates restorative processes in an effort to repair harm.  This service may include restorative conference, accountability conferences or suitable alternative measures that would hold an ‘accused’ person accountable and repair harm to any ‘victim’.

Community safety office

4 O’Brien Place

Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

867-633-7800 ext. 622

On-call: 867-332-9551

Kwanlin Dün’s community safety officers improve the safety and security of people and property within KDFN traditional territory.