Kindergarten to Grade 12 Students

KDFN’s Education Support Coordinators (formerly called Community Education Liaison Coordinators or CELCs) are specialized education workers who help students, parents/guardians and school staff to achieve student success.

The Education Support Coordinators (ESCs) incorporate culture into students’ learning and keep students engaged outside the classroom through cultural activities, promoting special opportunities, providing information on the Yukon First Nations Graduation Ceremony, and organizing Elder visits to schools.

The ESCs s also help preschool families transition children to kindergarten, grade 7 students transition into high school and offer advice to graduating students.


Children who are KDFN citizens enrolled in school between Kindergarten and Grade 12, and registered with the KDFN Citizenship Office, are eligible to receive a bursary each year to support the purchase of supplies and payment of school fees.

Applications can be submitted between August 1st and September 15th by a parent or guardian of eligible students, or by students who are 16 years of age or older on August 1st of the application year.

Successful applicants will be mailed their cheques if direct deposit is not requested and the direct deposit form is not submitted.

If an application is not successful, you will be contacted and the reason will be explained to you. Unsuccessful applicants can appeal the decision with the Manager of Education up to 30 days after the decision is made.

The KDFN School Supply Bursary application form can be found here. Forms can also be be found at Kenädän Kų̀ House of Learning.

Completed applications can be submitted by email to or in person at Kenädän Ku.

Click here to download the School Supply Bursary Policy

Homework Club (if available) is held at Kenädän Ku from Monday to Thursday between 3 and 4:30 p.m. (hours may vary depending on need and tutor availability). This program provides assistance to students to help them understand and finish their homework.

Reading Club is also held at Kenädän Ku from Monday to Thursday, between 3 and 4:30 p.m. Staff read stories and give assistance to improve reading skills. Literacy-based arts and crafts are also offered.

Once a week, the Literacy Afternoon held with the Family Literacy Centre replaces Reading Club.

To register for after-school programs at Kenädän Ku, click here to download the permission form.

To support students for increased confidence and academic success, Kenädän Ku offers tutoring programs.


For more information about tutoring for students, click here.

KDFN citizens who are in their final year of high school and are likely to graduate may be eligible to receive a graduation bursary for expenses associated with graduation ceremonies. Students who graduate from high school may receive an additional bonus.

High School Graduation Bursary and Bonus Application Permission Form.

Click here to download the High School Graduation Bursary and Bonus Policy.