KDFN’s Indigenous Skills and Training (ISET) Program

The ISET program is a federal fund that provides financial, educational and employment support to eligible KDFN Citizens who are unemployed or underemployed.

It can provide funding for training and certifications (ex: First Aid, WHMIS, etc.), work gear needed to start employment, training sponsorships, entrepreneurship, wage subsidies, and more to eligible KDFN Citizens who are working towards their employment goals. The ISET Program offers a range of wrap-around services (ex: transportation, food, etc.) with the Pathways Program to support Citizens in training, job searching, and starting employment.

To be eligible for ISET funding, you must:

  • Be a KDFN citizen;
  • Be currently unemployed or underemployed; and
  • Have not maxed out your ISET funding limits for this fiscal year (April 1 – March 31)

There is no age limit to access ISET funding, however:

  • Individuals who are legally required to attend school (in the Yukon, this is anyone under age 16) cannot access ISET funding for training, courses or other activities that occur during school hours;
  • Individuals who are under age 19 must have a guardian sign their Consent Form.

Application Process

Applicants are required to complete and submit two forms to a Pathways Coordinator.

These forms can be picked up at Kenädän Ku or click on the links below to download.

Personal information such as your SIN number is required to access ISET funding.


For questions or support with the application, please contact a Pathways Coordinator.


Application Timelines

Please submit your application as soon as possible. Applications can take between 2-10 business days to process, depending on the type of request and the time of year.

No funding will be processed without a complete application.

There are no reimbursements for expenses incurred outside of the program processing timelines, applications and funding requirements.

We do our best to support last minute requests but cannot complete same-day requests.

The work gear program provides funding for KDFN Citizens who are unemployed / underemployed and starting a new job. The program recognizes that when you have been unemployed / underemployed, it is often difficult to pay the upfront costs of work gear (ex: steel toes) before your first paycheque.

Please complete the ISET application package and submit a confirmation of employment within the first month of your employment. Your application is not considered complete until the confirmation of employment is received.

A confirmation of employment can be:

  • a job offer letter,
  • a job contract, or
  • a letter from your employer (including your name, start date and job title).

Alternatively, if you provide a phone number or email for your employer, a Pathways Coordinator can contact them directly to confirm your employment.

PLEASE NOTE: for seasonal workers returning to the same / similar employment after collecting EI during the off-season. Those returning to the same position will not be eligible for the work gear program, but citizens in need of support are encourage to reach out and discuss their individual circumstances.

Pathways Coordinators are able to support KDFN Citizens who are looking for employment through:

  • Setting up a bank account;
  • Obtaining a SIN number;
  • Assistance with creating or updating resumes;
  • Assistance with cover letters;
  • Access to a computer with internet, printer, photocopier and phone; and
  • Support with interviews, including practice questions and necessary clothing;

For more information about the KDFN ISET Program, please call Kenädän Ku at (867) 633-8422 to book an appointment with the ISET Program Coordinator.