Laws and Citizenship


The department of the Executive Council Office (ECO) was established by the Governance Act (Kwanlin Dün First Nation), 2016.

  • Support Services: ECO provides support and expertise to the Council, its committees and departments.
  • Legislation and Policy: Works with the Council, departments and the Standing Committee on Legislative and Policy Development in the preparation of legislation, policies, and other legal and regulatory measures.
  • Registry of Laws and Policies: Maintenance of the Registry of Laws and Policies to provide internal and external interested parties with certainty about what KDFN legal and regulatory documents are authentic and in effect.
  • Records Management: Management of all electronic and paper-based records, including storage, classification, retention and disposition, scheduling, digitization and database maintenance.
  • Implementation: Monitoring the implementation of the KDFN Final and Self-Government Agreements, including working with other Yukon self-governing First Nations, meeting the requirements of the KDFN Financial Transfer Agreement and coordinating the negotiation of programs and services.
  • Citizenship: Maintenance of the KDFN citizenship registry, including the name, birth date and current address for all citizens and providing information about entitlement, eligibility and application procedures to applicants.
  • Administrative Coordination: Preparations for Council elections and constitutional referenda, oversight and coordination of events and special projects, and support for KDFN boards and committees, including maintaining terms of reference and tracking committee appointments and recruitment.