Kwanlin Dün Facility Maintenance

The Community Services department is responsible for the safety and maintenance of the following KDFN facilities:

  • Administration building
  • Kenädän Ku House of Learning
  • Nàkwät’à Kų̀ Potlatch House
  • Natsékhi Kų̀ Health Centre
  • Dusk’a Head Start Family Learning Centre
  • Community Services office
  • Executive Council Office building
  • Justice and Community Safety Officer buildings
  • Finance and Governance trailers
  • Jackson Lake Healing Camp
  • Recreation and Community Hub
  • KDFN cemeteries

The department is also responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy community by maintaining the ballfield, skating rink and all landscaping and community beautification projects.

Please call Community Services at 867-633-7833 for further information.