Pathways to Empowerment

The Department supports Citizens receiving Income Support by helping them to participate in KDFN programs, services and other supports to achieve wellness and begin to regain their self-sufficiency, and where possible, facilitate a return to employment.

What is a Pathways Plan?

A Pathways Plan is KDFN’s innovative approach to helping Citizens who are receiving basic financial assistance under the Pathways to Empowerment and Support Program.

A Pathways Plan is created in collaboration with the income support recipient to identify a number of goals to begin to address their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs, typically with the support of their Circle of Care team.

Pathways Plans can take many forms: pathways to wellness and healing, pathways to community inclusion, pathways to learning life and coping skills, pathways to education and pathways to employment. In many cases, there may be a need for a combination of pathways.

What is a Circle of Care?

The Circle of Care is based on the principles of the Medicine Wheel, which acknowledges that a journey toward healing and wellness must address a person’s physical, emotional, spiritual and mental needs, Traditional Knowledge and the wisdom of Elders, and a return to values of living on the land.

The Circle of Care facilitates healing and growth by exploring practical ways to balance an individual’s emotional, spiritual, physical and mental needs and capacities. It is family, peers, Elders, KDFN departments and, where identified, external support agencies working together to help guide and support an individual toward wellness, healing, self-sufficiency and community inclusion. This is achieved by exploring and understanding the participant’s unique needs and challenges, and then developing a holistic pathway to achieve their goals and dreams through relevant programs, services and supports.