Heritage, Lands and Resources


The Kwanlin Dün First Nation’s Department of Heritage, Lands and Resources helps take advantage of the new powers and opportunities in our land claims and self-government agreements.

At the same time, our staff work hard to ensure our lands, heritage and natural resources are protected for generations to come.

Our work falls into two main categories:

  • Implementing the land and natural resources parts of our land claim agreement; and
  • Taking care of Kwanlin Dün lands and heritage for the future.

Implementing land claims

We make sure many parts of the land claims and self-government agreements are put into place.

For example, Heritage, Lands and Resources staff

  • survey settlement lands
  • set up Special Management Areas
  • manage fish & wildlife
  • engage in land use and forest management planning

Taking care of our land

In addition to the work that is directly related to implementing our agreements, we have a variety of other land administration and management responsibilities.

For example, we:

  • give advice to the City of Whitehorse on development proposals and plans;
  • review residential, business and agricultural projects proposed in our Traditional Territory how they impact Kwanlin Dün interests;
  • work with the Yukon government on developing new mining and forestry legislation; and
  • create new land policies and laws for Kwanlin Dün lands.

Land Planning

KDFN manages lands in rural communities with local area planning. These plans guide how our communities can grow and develop while protecting the land and water.

This year, we are developing community plans for Marsh Lake and Fish Lake. They will answer questions like:

  • What lands should be protected for heritage and wildlife?
  • What areas would be good for KDFN residential and traditional uses?
  • What about general assembly sites, culture camps and campgrounds?
  • How can we help manage other activities in our Traditional Territory, like residential, agricultural, recreational and resource development?

Look for planning updates on the KDFN Facebook page and contact HLR staff for more information


(867) 332-1717.

Marsh Lake Plan

  • The Marsh Lake area has been home to our people for a very long time.
  • Many KDFN Elders were born and raised near places like the M’Clintock River, Michie Creek, Army Beach, Grayling Creek, and the sloughs near the Marsh Lake dam.
  • More than 30% of KDFN’s Settlement Lands are in the Marsh Lake plan. It’s the first Yukon community plan where a First Nation is the largest landholder.
  • A plan for Marsh Lake was drafted in 2016.  KDFN is working with Carcross/Tagish First Nation and Yukon government to update and approve a plan by fall 2021.
  • The Marsh Lake plan will help a new generation return to their roots and reconnect with the land and waters at Marsh Lake.

Click here for the Marsh Lake LAP Backgrounder

Click here to view the draft plan and land use map

Łu Zil Män Fish Lake Plan

  • In Southern Tutchone, Fish Lake is called Łu Zil Män (sounds like Sloo Zill Mun) after the round whitefish that spawn there in the fall.
  • Kwanlin Dün families have gathered at Fish Lake for thousands of years. Fishing and hunting camps at the north end of the lake are 5000 to 8000 years old. Ancient campsites around Bonneville are even older.
  • The plan will take two years to finish (spring 2021-2023).

Click here for the Fish Lake LAP backgrounder

Click here for the Government of Yukon’s Fish Lake LAP website.

Look for community planning updates on the KDFN Facebook page.


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