Heritage, Lands and Resources


The Kwanlin Dün First Nation’s Department of Heritage, Lands and Resources helps take advantage of the new powers and opportunities in our land claims and self-government agreements.

At the same time, our staff work hard to ensure our lands, heritage and natural resources are protected for generations to come.

Our work falls into two main categories:

  • Implementing the land and natural resources parts of our land claim agreement; and
  • Taking care of Kwanlin Dün lands and heritage for the future.

Implementing land claims

We make sure many parts of the land claims and self-government agreements are put into place.

For example, Heritage, Lands and Resources staff

  • survey settlement lands
  • set up Special Management Areas
  • manage fish & wildlife
  • engage in land use and forest management planning

Taking care of our land

In addition to the work that is directly related to implementing our agreements, we have a variety of other land administration and management responsibilities.

For example, we:

  • give advice to the City of Whitehorse on development proposals and plans;
  • review residential, business and agricultural projects proposed in our Traditional Territory how they impact Kwanlin Dün interests;
  • work with the Yukon government on developing new mining and forestry legislation; and
  • create new land policies and laws for Kwanlin Dün lands.