Rent the Nàkwät’à Kų̀ Potlatch House

Nàkwät’à Kų̀ Potlatch House is open for limited use

Safety measures have been put in place to allow the building to reopen for gatherings and programs.

Please note:

  • The kitchen is currently under construction and is not available for use during rentals.
  • We anticipate there will be a full closure between mid-July to mid-September so workers can complete necessary repairs to the air-handling system and the boiler. We will work to make the closure as short as possible, and we will pass on more information as soon as we have it.

For bookings or questions, please contact:

KDFN Community Services

867-633-7833, ext. 401

Rental service

Nàkwät’à Kù ̨ is rented out for ceremonial and cultural activities. It is important that all renters of Nàkwät’à Kų̀ and all participants at events held at Nàkwät’à Kų̀ be respectful of the facility, the fire pit and the land surrounding the facility.

Funeral services and burial potlatches for Kwanlin Dün citizens and their immediate families are also held at Nàkwät’à Kų̀. These services will always take precedence over the other meetings or previously booked events.

Kwanlin Dün also rents the potlatch house to Kwanlin Dün departments, other First Nations, and outside organizations to host meetings or events. The renter must follow traditional laws, practices and customs by showing respect for the facility, the equipment, furnishings, the fire pit and the grounds of Nàkwät’à Kų̀ that are part of the rental package. All fees are applicable.

The use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited at the fire pit, inside of Nàkwät’à Kų̀ and on the land surrounding the facility. All events, with the exception of a Kwanlin Dün funeral, must be booked in advance. Other First Nations may rent Nàkwät’à Kų̀ for funeral or potlatch services, but previously booked events will not be adjusted to accommodate. All applicable fees must be paid in advance. If a previously booked event has to be cancelled due to a Kwanlin Dün funeral service, Community Services will notify the renter of the booking cancellation and refund the damage deposit and any rental fees already paid for the use of Nàkwät’à Kų̀.

How to rent Nàkwät’à Kù

  1. To book Nàkwät’à Kù, call Kwanlin Dün Community Services at 867-633-7833 or e-mail
  2. Check in the Community Services office at #77 McClennan Road
  3. If bookings are made over the phone, Community Services will follow up with an e-mail to confirm the booking information.

Details about the process

The renter will go to Community Services to fill out a rental agreement and pay the applicable fees. Click here to download the rental agreement for Kwanlin Dün citizens. Click here to download the rental agreement for KDFN departments and outside organizations.

  • The renter will be told that an event may be cancelled if Nàkwät’à Kų̀ is needed for the funeral and burial potlatch of a Kwanlin Dün citizen or their immediate family.
  • Kwanlin Dün First Nation departments will provide Community Services with a Purchase Order for hall rental and cleaning fees. Community Services will invoice the renter for any damages incurred.
  • Renters of the hall are required to provide two payments in cash, or by credit or debit card: one to cover the damage deposit, and one to cover the rent and cleaning fees as outlined in the rental agreement and fee schedule. Citizens are required to provide one payment of the damage deposit, as outlined in the fee schedule.
  • If the public address system is needed for the event, it must be booked in advance to allow ample time for set up.
  • Before the event takes place, the renter and a staff member from Community Services will do a walk-through inspection to ensure the hall and washrooms are clean, take an inventory of kitchen equipment (if the kitchen is being rented), and ensure the sound equipment is in order (if it is being used.)
  • The renter will pick up the key from Community Services.
  • The renter is responsible for all table and chair set up and take down.
  • Community Services will ensure the heat is on (if needed) in preparation for the event.
  • The renter will make sure the kitchen equipment has been washed and put away in its proper place. A check of the inventory sheet will ensure that all kitchenware such as dishes, utensils and pots are accounted for.
  • The renter will remove all leftover supplies and food from the kitchen or it will be considered abandoned.
  • In order to comply with Occupational Health & Safety legislation and policies, Community Services will apply a mandatory cleaning fee to all rental agreements.
  • The renter will return the key to Community Services immediately after the event, or as soon as possible if the event has taken place outside of normal business hours.
  • Community Services and the renter will perform another walk-through inspection to ensure the hall and washrooms are clean, and take an inventory of the kitchen equipment to ensure that all parts of the sound equipment have been returned and properly stored.


Unit Tier 1 KDFN Citizens Tier 2 KDFN Departments and outside organizations
Hall rental $0 $200/day
Hall and kitchen rental $0 $100/day
Kitchen rental only $0 $125/day
Coffee urns $0 $45
Sound system $0 $100
Key deposit $0 $75
Mandatory cleaning fee $0 $125/day (hall) $100/day (kitchen) $100/day (washrooms)
Mandatory damage deposit $250 $350/day (hall) $175/day (kitchen)

More information

  • To be in compliance with Occupational Health & Safety Legislation and Policies, only certified cleaning staff who have taken the standard WHMIS training can use the necessary industrial strength cleaners safely.
  • The cost to repair damage caused to the facility, the fire pit or the land surrounding Nàkwät’à Kų̀ will be deducted from the damage deposit. The renter may face additional charges to cover the cost of repairs if it exceeds the damage deposit or the ability to rent in the future is affected by the damage.
  • Rental fees are also waived to enable organizers of Kwanlin Dün cultural events to use the facility free of charge. This includes the Kwanlin Dün dance groups, stick gambling practices and other cultural events for Kwanlin Dün citizens. Mandatory damage deposit fees are still in effect and payable at the time of booking. The same arrangements apply to recreation programs for youth.
  • Revenue generating events except for fundraising by citizens will require all applicable rental fees to be paid.
  • All renters will be charged for wilful damage caused to the facility.