Researching KDFN traditional laws

At the first workshop, KDFN Citizens came together to use Indigenous stories and values to work through real-life problems and bring forward KDFN Indigenous laws.

KDFN and the Indigenous Laws Research Unit of the University of Victoria, held its first Indigenous Laws Workshop at KDCC on July 25, 26 and 27, 2022. 


The workshop was the first step in a multi-year process to bring forward KDFN traditional laws related to justice. The group spent the days learning a legal-analysis method for working with Indigenous stories to work through real-life problems together, and to look at values held by a particular Indigenous community. 


The workshop was well attended. Those that took the time to participate did incredible work engaging with the stories and sharing their perspectives and opinions. We all left feeling inspired and ready to move forward with the project. 

Keep a look out for future workshops or opportunities to work with KDFN on a more personal basis (i.e., in the home, on the land, with families) in the future! 


Special thanks to Doronn Fox and Elders Shirley Adamson and Roger Ellis for keeping the fire and sharing their wisdom and wonderful company. 


For more information on this project, contact:

Erin Linklater, Manager of Restorative Justice & Community Safety

867-633-7800, ext 602