All Kwanlin Dün First Nation emails are


ChiefDoris Bill867-633-7800
COUNCILLORCharlene Charlie867-633-7800 Ext. 103
COUNCILLORCharles Chief867-633-7800 Ext. 103
COUNCILLORJessie Dawson867-633-7800 Ext. 103
COUNCILLORJesse Ryder867-633-7800 Ext. 103
COUNCILLORRay Sydney867-633-7800 Ext. 103
COUNCILLORRosemary Waugh-Wilson867-633-7800 Ext. 103
ELDER COUNCILLORJudy Gingell867-633-7800 Ext. 103
YOUTH COUNCILLORVacant867-334-4521
EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT (CHIEF)Eileen Duchesne867-633-7800 Ext. 105
EXECUTIVE ADVISOR (COUNCIL)Heather O’Grady867-633-7800 Ext. 106
Administration AssistantJeanine George867-633-7800 Ext. 107


Executive DirectorRoxanne Vallevand867-633-7800 Ext. 108
Assistant Executive DirectorVacant
General Enquires/ReceptionDonna Holcomb867-633-7800 Ext. 101
Legal CounselPeter Sandiford867-633-7800 Ext. 145
Communications ManagerLeighann Chalykoff867-334-2012
Communications Officer (Trainee)Alexander Gatensby867-633-7800 Ext. 138

Community Services

Building Maintenance WorkerPatrick Smith867-633-7833
Housing Liaison WorkerSam Mutiwekuziwa
Building Maintenance Team LeadMike Gemmill867-633-7833
Nàkwät’à Kų̀ Potlatch House Kitchen867-667-4658
Nàkwät’à Kų̀ Potlatch House Bookings – Community Services867-633-7833 Ext. 401
Waste Management/Garbage CollectionWilliam Smith
Yard Manager & ExpediterAnthony Guy
Building Maintenance Worker Team Lead (Capital)Henry Johnson
Chimney CrewKerry MacIntosh
Chimney CrewMarlon O’Brien
Oil Burner ApprenticeSteven Brown867-663-7833
Oil Burner ApprenticeDarcy Carlick
Oil Burner MechanicStefan Saunders
Building Maintenance WorkerBlade Joe
Contract CoordinatorGerry Stockley867-633-7833 Ext. 408
CustodianLoretta Dawson867-633-7833 Ext. 404
CustodianMary Dawson867-633-7833 Ext. 404
CustodianMark Johnson867-633-7833 Ext. 404
CustodianFloyd Johnston867-633-7833 Ext. 404
Manager of CapitalGary Bailie867-633-7833 Ext. 404
Tenant Relations AssistantJennifer Burns867-633-7833 Ext. 406
Housing Support Liaison WorkerJulien Imbeau867-633-7833 Ext. 405
Tenant Relations OfficerKrystle Buchanan867-633-7833 Ext. 403
Administrative Assistant, Community ServicesMisty Fayant867-633-7833 Ext. 401
Director, Community ServicesLarry Turner867-633-7833 Ext. 402
Manager – Operations & MaintenanceShawn Wood867-633-7833 Ext. 407


AOC, Early Childhood Educator Dusk'a Head Start Family Learning CentreEmma Wang
Early Childhood Educator: ToddlersKatie Hall867-393-3775
Early Childhood Educator: ToddlersVacant
Early Childhood EducatorClaire Strauss867-393-3775
Early Childhood EducatorHanna Al-Shawa867-393-3775
Early Childhood Cultural EducatorCharlene Brown867-393-3775
Aboriginal Language InstructorVera Brown867-393-3775
Supportive Child Care WorkerVacant867-393-3775
Supportive Child Care Worker, Dusk'aGrace Todd867-393-3775
Head Cook, Dusk’a Head Start Family Learning CentreHannah Silverfox-Belcher867-393-3775
Income Support Intake WorkerBobbie Bishop867-633-8422 Ext. 503
School Age Cultural EducatorCynthia James867-633-8422 Ext. 511
Early Childhood Educator: PreschoolNikki-Lee Williams Patchett867-393-3775
Pathways Program CoordinatorJacqueline (Jackie) Callahan
AOC Income Support Intake WorkerHelen CharlieExt. 515
ESC – Porter Creek Secondary SchoolBrandie Chetcuti867-667-8044
Pathways CoordinatorJackie Callahan867-633-8422 Ext. 505
Assistant Manager, Dusk’aJessica DyckExt. 304
AOC ECE, Dusk'aVanessa Epp
AOC ECE, Dusk’aNisha Panikkulam Thomas
School Crossing Guard (AOC)Kathleen Dawson
Tutor (AOC)Louise Kohnle
Tutor (AOC)Dwight Weiers
Tutor (AOC)Devon Yacura
Manager – Adult Education & EmploymentJustine Copestake867-633- 8422 Ext. 507
Administrative AssistantMillie Sam867-633-8422 Ext. 501
Language & Culture CoordinatorVacant867-633-8422
Manager – School Age EducationTherese Lindsay867-633-8422 Ext. 502
Tutor-EducationJulia Veidt867-633-8422 Ext. 510 or 511
Tutor-EducationElaine McLeod867-633-8422 Ext. 510 or 511
Tutor-EducationSusan Gwynne-Timothy867-633-8422 Ext. 510 or 511
Tutor-EducationDavid Pharand867-633-8422 Ext. 501 or 511
Tutor-EducationVacant867-633-8422 Ext. 501 or 511
Tutor-EducationVacant867-633-8422 Ext. 501 or 511
Tutor-EducationHan Pham867-633-8422 Ext. 501 or 511
Education Support Coordinator – ESC – Elijah Smith Elementary SchoolChristine Pottie867-667-5992
Adult EducatorVacant513
Post-Secondary Education CoordinatorMark Smith867-633-8422 Ext. 512
Employment Support FacilitatorVacant867-633-8422 Ext. 505
Indigenous Skills & Employment Training (ISET) Program CoordinatorBryan Unruh867-633-8422 Ext. 516
Manager Pathways and Income SupportLauren Gostick867-633-8422 Ext. 509
Pathways CoordinatorRenee Roy867-633-8422 Ext. 506
Income Support Intake WorkerClara Shorty867-633-8422 Ext. 504
Manager, Dusk'a Head Start Family Learning CentreCody-Anne McArthur867-393-3775 Ext. 302
Administrator, Dusk’a Head Start Family Learning CentreKeanna Lutz867-393-3775 Ext. 301
Early Childhood Educator: Pre-KYasamin Al-Jumaili867-393-3775
Director of Education and Social DevelopmentDawn Waugh867-633-8422 Ext. 508

Executive Council Office

Director of GovernanceDorothy Sam867-633-7800 Ext. 133
Registrar of Citizenship/EnrollmentVacant867-633-7800 Ext. 131
Policy AnalystMarney Paradis867-633-7800 Ext. 134
Policy AnalystGlenda Koh867-633-7800 Ext. 136
Records & Info. Manager & Privacy OfficerCarolyn Harris867-633-7800 Ext. 135
Implementation AdvisorDave Sembsmoen867-633-7800 Ext. 114
Citizenship RegistrarDarlene Smith867-633-7800 ext.131
Deputy Registrar of CitizenshipCarolyn Harris867-633-7800 Ext. 131


Manager, ICTChris Delaney867-633-7800 Ext. 113
Systems AdministratorJustin Cardinal867-633-7800 Ext. 111
Network AdministratorJoseph Zelezny867-633-7800 Ext. 140
Finance DirectorGordon Campbell867-633-7800 Ext. 121
Finance ComptrollerCaleb Kelly867-633-7800 Ext. 139
Pay & Benefits CoordinatorTracy Oles867-633-7800 Ext. 123
Accounts ReceivableIrene Winzer867-633-7800 Ext. 124
Finance CoordinatorLarissa Stanley867-633-7800 Ext. 125
Accounts PayableJasmine Bill867-633-7800 Ext. 160
General Finance Clerk (Casual)Derek Hardy867-633-7800 Ext. 137

Heritage, Lands and Resources

Director, Heritage, Lands and ResourcesGreg Thompson867-633-7800 Ext. 115
Lands & Resources ManagerDaniel Beaudoin867-633-7800 Ext. 146
Lands Office AdministratorMichele Taylor867-633-7800 Ext. 128
Senior GIS AnalystRichard Vladars867-633-7800 Ext. 116
GIS-IT Data Mapping SpecialistOndrej Culen867-633-7800 Ext. 142
Operations Manager, Heritage, Lands and ResourcesBrandy Mayes867-633-7800 Ext. 144
Lands Steward OfficerBruce Wilson867-633-7800 Ext. 151
Manager of PlanningRoy Neilson867-633-7800 Ext 119
Lands & Resource Planner – Project BasedDexter Kotylak867-633-7800 Ext. 119
Heritage ManagerVacant867-633-7800
Heritage - AssistantDiana Jimmy867-633-7800 Ext. 120
Land Steward Officer TraineeTroy Friday867-633-7800
Land Steward Officer TraineeCheyenne Bradley867-633-7800

Health and Wellness

Clinic NurseSarah Mundell867-668-7289 Ext. 211
HBHG Family Support WorkerSabryna Brousseau867-668-7289
Outreach NurseDanielle Koop867-668-7289 Ext. 215
Mental Health Promotion WorkerVacant867-668-7289
Outreach Support WorkerCarol M. Shorty867-668-7289 Ext. 215
Cultural PractionerVacant867-668-7289
Outreach Aftercare WorkerJohnny Brass867-668-7289 Ext. 205
Cultural CounsellorMaury Fraser867-668-7289
Licensed Practical Nurse - Home & Community CareLaura Martens867-668-7289
Outreach Licensed Practical NurseYves Paradis867-668-7289 Ext. 215
HBHG NurseVacant867-668-7289
Clinic NurseCeilidhe Dabbs867-688-7289 Ext. 211
Registered Nurse, AOCLindsay Raftis
Registered Nurse, AOCStephanie Coombes
Registered Nurse, AOCTatum Arts
Cultural Support WorkerLeanne Ellis
Coordinator, Land Based Wellness at Jackson LakeCatheryne Lord
Coordinator, Land Based Wellness at Jackson LakeApril Franks
Clinical CounsellorErin Henderson
Elder Support WorkerDenise Peter867-668-7289 Ext. 204
Executive Assistant, Natsékhi Kų̀ Health CentreShirley Bien867-668-7289 Ext. 214
Reception, Natsékhi Kų̀ Health CentreJessica Bien867-668-7289 Ext. 201
NIHB NavigatorJudy Anderson867-668-7289 Ext. 216
Registered NurseDayna Lennie867-668-7289 Ext. 211
Home & Community Care ManagerCrystal Edzerza867-668-7289 Ext. 203
Medical Office AssistantCynthia Fraser867-668-7289 Ext. 209
Home & Community Care NurseHanna Szefer867-668-7289 Ext. 213
Home Support WorkerEdith Baker867-688-7289
Home Support WorkerIrma Cockney867-668-7289
Director, Natsékhi Kų̀ Health CentreChristina Sim867-668-7289 Ext. 208
DriverEdith Dawson867-668-7289
Elder Day Program CoordinatorLinda Huebschwerlen867-668-7289 Ext. 210
Elder Day Program AssistantDesirae Anderson867-668-7289 Ext. 210
Elder in ResidenceDianne Smith867-335-8827
Cook, Natsékhi Kų̀ Health CentreEva Burns867-668-7289 Ext. 219
Outreach & Health Promotion ManagerAmy Genier867-668-7289 Ext. 202
Maternal Child Support WorkerVacant867-668-7289
HBHG NurseAmy-Lynn McCann867-668-7289 Ext. 212

Human Resources & Occupational Health & Safety

Manager, Human Resources & Occupational Health & SafetySandy Secord867-633-7800 Ext. 141
Human Resource AssistantBilli-Jo Alexis867-633-7800 Ext. 126
Human Resources ConsultantAmanda Lowry867-633-7800 Ext. 122
Employee Relations SpecialistJamie McCarthy867-633-7800 Ext 161
Occupational Health & SafetyAmber Shewen867-335-6540

ICT Unit

Manager, ICTChris Delaney867-633-7800 Ext. 113
Systems AdministratorJustin Cardinal867-633-7800 Ext. 111
Network AdministratorJoseph Zelezny867-633-7800 Ext. 140


Community Safety OfficerElias Park867-633-7850 Ext. 621
Manager of Restorative Justice & Community SafetyErin Linklater
Child & Family Liaison WorkerCrystal McLean
AOC Cook, Dusk'a Head Start Family Learning CentreHannah Silverfox-Belcher
Child & Family Liaison WorkerChris Newman867-633-7850
AOC Youth Recreation Support WorkerCassis Lindsay867-334-7673
RCMPCst. Greg Tillak (
RCMPCst. Marcello Rimanelli (
RCMPCst. Adam Lightfoot
Community Safety OfficerMichael Stanley867-633-7850 Ext. 621
Community Safety OfficerTyler O’Brien867-633-7850 Ext. 621
Community Safety OfficerMike Carlisle867-633-7850 Ext. 621
Director, JusticeTerri Cairns867-633-7850 ext. 602
Coordinator, JusticeDean Hoogland867-633-7850 Ext. 622
Community Safety Officers867-332-9551
Indigenous Court Worker (Court House)Sheilah Sutherland867-667-3781
Indigenous Court Worker (Court House)Josie O’Brien867-667-3783
Justice Support WorkerMark Stevens867-667-3782
Manager – Restorative Justice & Community SafetyVacant
Child & Family Liaison WorkerStephanie Sullivan867-633-7850 Ext. 604
Child & Family Liaison WorkerGwyneth Williams867-633-7850 Ext. 604
Child & Family Liaison WorkerKarole O’Brien867-633-7850 Ext. 604
Youth Recreation CoordinatorCourtney Terriah867-334-8781

Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre

Visit the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre website for detailed staff contact information.

Front Reception, KWANLIN DÜN CULTURAL CENTRE867-456-5322 Ext. 101
Executive Director, KWANLIN DUN CULTURAL CENTREHeather McIntyre867-456-5322 Ext.108
Events Manager, KWANLIN DUN CULTURAL CENTREJennifer Hefferman867-456-5322 Ext. 102
Operations Manager, KWANLIN DUN CULTURAL CENTREPatrick Matheson867-456-5322 Ext. 106
Cultural Programs Manager, KWANLIN DUN CULTURAL CENTREShayna Hammer867-456-5322 Ext. 105
Finance & Admin. Coordinator, KWANLIN DUN CULTURAL CENTREJackueline Rodrigue867-456-5322 Ext. 107


Visit Chu Níikwän LP  for information and staff contacts.

Office Manager, CHU NIIKWAN DEVELOPMENT LPJesse Bouchard
Economic Advisor, CHU NIIKWAN DEVELOPMENT LPLes Wilson867-334-5841
CEORick O’Brien

Canyon City Construction

General Manager, CANYON CITY CONSTRUCTIONJacob Heigers867-633-6585 Ext. 3
Superintendent, CANYON CITY CONSTRUCTION867-334-4547