All Kwanlin Dün First Nation emails are

CHIEFDoris Bill867-633-7800
COUNCILLORCharlene Charlie867-633-7800 Ext. 103
COUNCILLORCharles Chief867-633-7800 Ext. 103
COUNCILLORJessie Dawson867-633-7800 Ext. 103
COUNCILLORJesse Ryder867-633-7800 Ext. 103
COUNCILLORRay Sydney867-633-7800 Ext. 103
COUNCILLORRosemary Wilson867-633-7800 Ext. 103
ELDER COUNCILLORJudy Gingell867-633-7800 Ext. 103
YOUTH COUNCILLORIsaac Bill867-334-4521
EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT (CHIEF)Eileen Duchesne867-633-7800 Ext. 105
EXECUTIVE ADVISOR (COUNCIL)Heather O’Grady867-633-7800 Ext. 106
Administration AssistantJeanine George867-633-7800 Ext. 107
Director of GovernanceTracy Boyes867-633-7800 Ext. 133
Registrar of Citizenship/EnrollmentVacant867-633-7800 Ext. 131
Policy AnalystMarney Paradis867-633-7800 Ext. 134
Policy AnalystGlenda Koh867-633-7800 Ext. 136
Records & Info. Manager & Privacy OfficerCarolyn Harris867-633-7800 Ext. 135
Records Management ClerkVacant
Executive DirectorRoxanne Vallevand867-633-7800 Ext. 108
Assistant Executive DirectorDorothy Sam867-633-7800 Ext. 109
Legal CounselPeter Sandiford867-633-7800 Ext. 145
Executive Assistant to Executive Directors (Trainee)Vacant
General Enquires/ReceptionDonna Holcomb867-633-7800 Ext. 101
Communications ManagerLeighann Chalykoff867-633-7800 Ext. 112
Communications OfficerAurora Hardy867-334-9185
Communications Officer (Trainee)Alexander Gatensby867-633-7800 Ext. 138
Economic AdvisorRick O’Brien867-633-7800 Ext. 129
Manager, ICTChris Delaney867-633-7800 Ext. 113
Systems AdministratorJustin Cardinal867-633-7800 Ext. 111
Network AdministratorJoseph Zelezny867-633-7800 Ext. 140
Finance DirectorGordon Campbell867-633-7800 Ext. 121
Finance ComptrollerMiranda Vigliotti867-633-7800 Ext. 139
Pay & Benefits CoordinatorTracy Oles867-633-7800 Ext. 123
Accounts ReceivableIrene Winzer867-633-7800 Ext. 124
Finance CoordinatorLarissa Stanley867-633-7800 Ext. 125
Accounts PayableJasmine Bill867-633-7800 Ext. 160
General Finance Clerk (Casual)Derek Hardy867-633-7800 Ext. 137
Manager, Human Resources & Occupational Health & SafetySandy Secord867-633-7800 Ext. 141
Human Resource AssistantBilli-Jo Alexis867-633-7800 Ext. 126
Human Resources ConsultantAmanda Lowry867-633-7800 Ext. 122
Employee Relations SpecialistJamie McCarthy867-633-7800 Ext 161
Occupational Health & SafetyAmber Shewen867-335-6540
Director, Heritage, Lands and ResourcesGreg Thompson867-633-7800 Ext. 115
Lands & Resources ManagerDaniel Beaudoin867-633-7800 Ext. 146
Lands Office AdministratorMichele Taylor867-633-7800 Ext. 128
Senior GIS AnalystRichard Vladars867-633-7800 Ext. 116
GIS-IT Data Mapping SpecialistOndrej Culen867-633-7800 Ext. 142
Operations Manager, Heritage, Lands and ResourcesBrandy Mayes867-633-7800 Ext. 144
Senior Lands Steward OfficerDave Sembsmoen867-633-7800 Ext. 114
Lands Steward OfficerBruce Wilson867-633-7800 Ext. 151
Lands SpecialistJohn Pattimore867-633-7800 Ext. 117
A/Manager, Lands PlanningJohn Meikle867-633-7800 Ext. 118
Lands & Resource PlannerRoy Neilson867-633-7800 Ext 119
Urban and Policy PlannerDuncan Martin867-633-7800 Ext. 147
Lands & Resource Planner – Project BasedDexter Kotylak867-633-7800 Ext. 119
Heritage ManagerVacant867-633-7800
Heritage - AssistantDiana Jimmy867-633-7800 Ext. 120
Director, Community ServicesLarry Turner867-633-7833 Ext. 402
Administrative Assistant, Community ServicesMisty Fayant867-633-7833 Ext. 401
Tenant Relations OfficerTammy Joe867-633-7833 Ext. 403
Housing Support Liaison WorkerKrystle Buchanan867-633-7833 Ext. 405
Tenant Relations AssistantJennifer Burns867-633-7833 Ext. 406
Manager of CapitalGary Bailie867-633-7833 Ext. 404
CustodianFloyd Johnston867-633-7833 Ext. 404
CustodianMark Johnson867-633-7833 Ext. 404
CustodianMary Dawson867-633-7833 Ext. 404
CustodianLoretta Dawson867-633-7833 Ext. 404
Contract CoordinatorGerry Stockley867-633-7833 Ext. 408
Manager – Operations & MaintenanceShawn Wood867-633-7833 Ext. 407
Building Maintenance WorkerBlade Joe
Building Maintenance WorkerPatrick Smith867-633-7833
Oil Burner MechanicStefan Saunders
Oil Burner ApprenticeDarcy Carlick
Oil Burner ApprenticeSteven Brown867-663-7833
Chimney CrewMarlon O’Brien
Chimney CrewKerry MacIntosh
Building Maintenance Worker Team Lead (Capital)Henry Johnson
Yard Manager & ExpediterAnthony Guy
Waste Management/Garbage CollectionWilliam Smith
Nàkwät’à Kų̀ Potlatch House Bookings – Community Services867-633-7833 Ext. 401
Nàkwät’à Kų̀ Potlatch House Kitchen867-667-4658
Director of Education and Social DevelopmentDawn Waugh867-633-8422 Ext. 508
A/Administrative Assistant, Education and Social DevelopmentMillie Sam867-633-8422 Ext. 501
Language & Culture CoordinatorVacant867-633-8422
Manager – School Age EducationTherese Lindsay867-633-8422 Ext. 502
Tutor-EducationJulia Veidt867-633-8422 Ext. 510 or 511
Tutor-EducationElaine McLeod867-633-8422 Ext. 510 or 511
Tutor-EducationSusan Gwynne-Timothy867-633-8422 Ext. 510 or 511
Tutor-EducationDavid Pharand867-633-8422 Ext. 501 or 511
Tutor-EducationVacant867-633-8422 Ext. 501 or 511
Tutor-EducationVacant867-633-8422 Ext. 501 or 511
Tutor-EducationHan Pham867-633-8422 Ext. 501 or 511
CELC – Elijah Smith Elem. SchoolChristine Pottie867-667-5992
CELC – Porter Creek Sec. SchoolEvelyn Troy867-667-8044
Manager – Adult Education & EmploymentJustine Copestake867-633- 8422 Ext. 507
Adult EducatorLaird Herbert867-633-8422
Post-Secondary Education CoordinatorMark Smith867-633-8422 Ext. 512
Employment Support FacilitatorGayle Ball867-633-8422 Ext. 505
Indigenous Skills & Employment Training (ISET) Program CoordinatorBryan Unruh867-633-8422 Ext. 516
Manager Pathways and Income SupportLauren Gostick867-633-8422 Ext. 509
Pathways CoordinatorRenee Roy867-633-8422 Ext. 506
Social Services Intake WorkerClara Shorty867-633-8422 Ext. 504
Manager, Dusk'a Head Start Family Learning CentreCody-Anne McArthur867-393-3775 Ext. 302
Administrator, Dusk’a Head Start Family Learning CentreKeanna Lutz867-393-3775 Ext. 301
Early Childhood Educator: Pre-KYasamin Al-Jumaili867-393-3775
Early Childhood Educator: PreschoolNikki-Lee Williams Patchett867-393-3775
Early Childhood Educator: ToddlersKatie Hall867-393-3775
Early Childhood Educator: ToddlersVacant
Early Childhood EducatorClaire Strauss867-393-3775
Early Childhood EducatorHanna Al-Shawa867-393-3775
Early Childhood Cultural EducatorCharlene Brown867-393-3775
Aboriginal Language InstructorVera Brown867-393-3775
Supportive Child Care WorkerTaiya Melancon867-393-3775
Supportive Child Care WorkerJasmine Tracy867-393-3775
Supportive Child Care WorkerSarah Thompson867-393-3775
Supportive Child Care WorkerGrace Todd867-393-3775
Head Cook, Dusk’a Head Start Family Learning CentreAnne Webb867-393-3775
Child Development Centre867-393-3775 Ext. 305
Director, JusticeVacant867-633-7850
Office Administrator, JusticeDarlene Smith867-633-7850 Ext. 601
Manager – Community RecreationRoseMary Fordyce867-334-7673
Youth Recreation CoordinatorCourtney Terriah867-334-8781
Manager - Child & Family SupportTerri Cairns867-633-7850 Ext. 602
Child & Family Liaison WorkerKarole O’Brien867-633-7850 Ext. 604
Child & Family Liaison WorkerGwyneth Williams867-633-7850 Ext. 604
Child & Family Liaison WorkerStephanie Sullivan867-633-7850 Ext. 604
Manager – Restorative Justice & Community SafetyVacant
Justice Support WorkerMark Stevens867-667-3782
Indigenous Court Worker (Court House)Josie O’Brien867-667-3783
Indigenous Court Worker (Court House)Sheilah Sutherland867-667-3781
Community Safety Officers867-332-9551
Coordinator, JusticeDean Hoogland867-633-7850 Ext. 622
Community Safety OfficerElias Park867-633-7850 Ext. 621
Community Safety OfficerMike Carlisle867-633-7850 Ext. 621
Community Safety OfficerTyler O’Brien867-633-7850 Ext. 621
Community Safety OfficerMichael Stanley867-633-7850 Ext. 621
RCMPCst. Adam Lightfoot
RCMPCst. Candice MacEachen
RCMPCst. Ryan Davie
Director, Natsékhi Kų̀ Health CentreChristina Sim867-668-7289 Ext. 208
Executive Assistant, Natsékhi Kų̀ Health CentreShirley Bien867-668-7289 Ext. 214
Reception, Natsékhi Kų̀ Health CentreJessica Bien867-668-7289 Ext. 201
NIHB NavigatorJudy Anderson867-668-7289 Ext. 216
Registered NurseDayna Lennie867-668-7289 Ext. 211
Home & Community Care ManagerCrystal Edzerza867-668-7289 Ext. 203
Medical Office AssistantCynthia Fraser867-668-7289 Ext. 209
Home & Community Care NurseHanna Szefer867-668-7289 Ext. 213
Home Support WorkerEdith Baker867-688-7289
Home Support WorkerVacant867-668-7289
Elder Support WorkerDenise Peter867-668-7289 Ext. 204
DriverEdith Dawson867-668-7289
Elder Day Program CoordinatorLinda Huebschwerlen867-668-7289 Ext. 210
Elder Day Program AssistantDesirae Anderson867-668-7289 Ext. 210
Elder in ResidenceDianne Smith867-335-8827
Cook, Natsékhi Kų̀ Health CentreEva Burns867-668-7289 Ext. 219
Outreach & Health Promotion ManagerAmy Genier867-668-7289 Ext. 202
Maternal Child Support WorkerVacant867-668-7289
HBHG NurseAmy-Lynn McCann867-668-7289 Ext. 212
HBHG NurseVacant867-668-7289
HBHG Family Support WorkerSabryna Brousseau867-668-7289
Outreach NurseDanielle Koop867-668-7289 Ext. 215
Mental Health Promotion WorkerVacant867-668-7289
Outreach Support WorkerCarol M. Shorty867-668-7289 Ext. 215
Manager – Spiritual Health & WellnessWally Rude867-668-7289 Ext. 218
Cultural PractionerVacant867-668-7289
Outreach Aftercare WorkerJohnny Brass867-668-7289 Ext. 205
Cultural CounsellorMaury Fraser867-668-7289
Front Reception, KWANLIN DÜN CULTURAL CENTRE867-456-5322 Ext. 101
Executive Director, KWANLIN DUN CULTURAL CENTREHeather McIntyre867-456-5322 Ext.108
Events Manager, KWANLIN DUN CULTURAL CENTREJennifer Hefferman867-456-5322 Ext. 102
Operations Manager, KWANLIN DUN CULTURAL CENTREPatrick Matheson867-456-5322 Ext. 106
Cultural Programs Manager, KWANLIN DUN CULTURAL CENTREShayna Hammer867-456-5322 Ext. 105
Finance & Admin. Coordinator, KWANLIN DUN CULTURAL CENTREJackueline Rodrigue867-456-5322 Ext. 107
Office Manager, CHU NIIKWAN DEVELOPMENT LPJesse Bouchard
Economic Advisor, CHU NIIKWAN DEVELOPMENT LPLes Wilson867-334-5841
121 A Platinum Rd.
General Manager, CANYON CITY CONSTRUCTIONJacob Heigers867-633-6585 Ext. 3
Office Manager, CANYON CITY CONSTRUCTIONJesse Bouchard867-633-6585 Ext. 2
Superintendent, CANYON CITY CONSTRUCTION867-334-4547
RIVER PEOPLE LPJesse Bouchard867-393-2689
Licensed Practical Nurse - Home & Community CareLaura Martens867-668-7289
Outreach Licensed Practical NurseYves Paradis867-668-7289 Ext. 215
Clinic NurseSarah Mundell867-668-7289 Ext. 211
Clinic NurseCeilidhe Dabbs867-688-7289 Ext. 211
AOC Intake WorkerBobbie Bishop867-633-8422 Ext. 513
Land Steward Officer TraineeTroy Friday867-633-7800
Land Steward Officer TraineeCheyenne Bradley867-633-7800
AOC Youth Recreation Support WorkerCassis Lindsay867-334-7673
Building Maintenance Team LeadMike Gemmill867-633-7833
School Age Cultural EducatorCynthia James867-633-8422
Child & Family Liaison WorkerChris Newman867-633-7850
Deputy Registrar of CitizenshipCarolyn Harris867-633-7800 Ext. 131
AOC Cook, Dusk'a Head Start Family Learning CentreHannah Silverfox-Belcher