Yukon First Nations and Government of Yukon meet with federal Ministers on Yukon priorities

Published 04/12/2018
This is a joint news release with the Council of Yukon First Nations and the Government of Yukon

The Yukon Premier, Ministers, the Council of Yukon First Nations Grand Chief and several Yukon First Nations Chiefs met with federal Ministers to jointly advocate on key issues important to Yukoners. These meetings were an opportunity to seek the federal government’s support, understanding and collaboration on a number of made-in-Yukon solutions to Yukon priorities.

Topics highlighted at the meetings were housing, land use planning, Yukon University, Indigenous languages and treaty loan forgiveness and repayment.

“Our joint approach and made-in-Yukon solutions were well-received by the federal government. Across Canada, the territory is being recognized as a leader for its collaborative approach to reconciliation. Our governments have many priorities in common and we are far more effective when we work together. We look forward to working further with Yukon First Nations and the federal government on our shared priorities.”
– Premier Sandy Silver

“Presenting a united message to our federal counterparts demonstrates the spirit of collaboration that is taking place in the Yukon. This joint approach will go a long way toward ensuring federal Ministers receive a clear message regarding key issues of importance to Yukon First Nations.”
– Council of Yukon First Nations Grand Chief Peter Johnston

“We welcome the federal government’s commitment to address Indigenous housing needs in Canada. However, the First Nations Housing Strategy does not address the specific housing needs of Yukon’s First Nations. The fiscal relationship between self-governing First Nations and Canada is fundamentally different than the Indian Act band relationship. Self-governing First Nations have the same housing responsibilities as the provinces and territories, and need direct government access to federal housing funding.”
– Kwanlin Dün First Nation Chief Doris Bill

Quick Facts:
–  Premier Silver, Ministers Frost and McPhee, Grand Chief Johnston, Chiefs Smith, Dickson, Bill, Mervyn, Joseph, Charlie and Deputy Chief Schultz were part of the Yukon delegation that met with federal ministers Bennett, Philpott, Duclos, Brison and LeBlanc and parliamentary secretary Anandasangaree.
–  Presenting a united Yukon voice to the federal government is one of the priorities of the Yukon Forum.