Kwanlin Dün First Nation has approximately 24 sq. km of settlement land within the City of Whitehorse. These settlement lands were selected by KDFN as part of its 2005 Land Claim Agreements. Those KDFN settlement lands within or near the city limits of Whitehorse are referred to as Community Lands or “C” lands.

As KDFN moves to develop its settlement lands within Whitehorse there is a growing recognition of the need for a guiding framework to assist KDFN in planning and developing its Community Lands sustainably and responsibly. KDFN settlement land is a finite resource which must provide for the needs of both current and future generations of KDFN people. As such, development must be well planned and reflect the highest and best use of land while ensuring that important values to the KDFN community, such as heritage and wildlife, are protected.

The KDFN Community Lands Plan sets out a framework to guide the planning and development of the KDFN Community Lands within the City of Whitehorse municipal boundaries. Similar to the City of Whitehorse Official Community Plan, the KDFN Community Lands Plan will document the broad objectives and land use policies of Kwanlin Dün First Nation in relation to its Community Lands within Whitehorse.

The following presentations that were shared with KDFN citizens at recent public events as part of the consultation on the KDFN Community Lands Plan are now available to view online:


1. KDFN Community Lands Plan: A PowerPoint presentation (video available here) providing an overview of the KDFN settlement land (Community Lands) in Whitehorse and the KDFN Community Lands Plan


2. Virtual tour of KDFN Settlement Land in Whitehorse:  A Google Earth presentation (video available here) providing an overview of the KDFN settlement land in Whitehorse