Auntie’s House

During November and December 2019, KDFN Justice conducted over 100 interviews with KDFN citizens, Elders, youth, staff and stakeholders about the idea of Auntie’s House, a temporary safe house intended for children and youth during a family crisis.

A draft report, Auntie’s House Community Conversations – What We Heard, is now available. It summarizes all of the feedback collected in Phase I of this consultation.

The concept for Auntie’s House is still at the exploratory research stage. The KDFN government has not yet made a decision on whether or not to go forward with the project, or what it would look like.

Five proposed models of Auntie’s House are included in the draft report. All five models include a safe house, but they are different in where they are located (e.g. in McIntyre, or in other areas in Whitehorse) and the extent of the services provided (e.g. family resource centre, supports for parents, cultural activities).

We need your help.

Questions are posted below, to ask what you think about each of the models so that a final report can be provided to KDFN Council.


  1. Does the overall report, Auntie’s House Community Conversations – What We Heard, reflect your thoughts on Auntie’s House? If not, please let us know what is missing and how it can be improved.
  2. What are your thoughts on the five proposed models for Auntie’s House? Which is your preference, and why?
  3. The report outlines a number of proposed next steps. Do you agree with the suggestions? Is there anything that is missing that you believe is important?

If you have questions, or would like to provide feedback about the proposed Auntie’s House models, please contact KDFN Justice at 867-633-7850 ext. 601.