On July 21, 2020, KDFN and the RCMP signed a Letter of Expectation (LOE) under the Community Tripartite Agreement (CTA.)

The LOE defines and promotes positive and cooperative relationships and provides policing priorities, goals and strategies that are specific to the needs of Kwanlin Dün First Nation. The four priorities in the LOE are Communication, Relationship Building, KDFN Youth Partnerships, and Community Safety.


“As a signatory to the CTA and the LOE, Kwanlin Dün First Nation has a voice at the table to shape the future of policing in our community. By creating the LOE, we are now able to govern how police operate here. This is our community, this is how things work, this is what we want policing to look like. Good policing is built on relationships, open communication, cultural understanding and accountability. Today, we can move forward on these principles.”

– Kwanlin Dün Chief Doris Bill


“It is imperative that communities see their police as a reflection of community values, priorities and interests. This LOE provides a clear road map to establishing those expectations, and builds upon the relationship that already exists between KDFN and the RCMP.”

– Chief Superintendent of Yukon RCMP Scott Sheppard


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