On November 18, Kwanlin Dün Council exercised its powers under its self-government agreement to put an emergency directive in place to keep KDFN citizens and staff safe.

These measures are in addition to and apart from any restrictions imposed by the Yukon Government.

You may not enter a KDFN workplace for 14 days:

  • after travelling outside Yukon; or
  • after having contact with a person who has travelled outside Yukon.

This means, if you’re sharing a household with other people who have travelled outside Yukon or if you have visitors from outside the Yukon, you must follow these guidelines:

  • If there is a separate bathroom, cooking facilities and enough space to physical distance, then only the person who travelled must self-isolate and not enter KDFN buildings for 14 days.
  • If there is a shared bathroom and cooking facilities, then EVERYONE in the household must self-isolate and not enter KDFN buildings for 14 days.

Read the entire directive here. These measures will be in place for 90 days or until rescinded by Kwanlin Dün Council.

If you have questions about this new regulation:

Call: 867- 867-633-7800 ext. 112

Email: Communications@kdfn.net


As we move through this pandemic, there may be additional directives issued or changes to existing protocols and procedures. Please ensure you are reading these as they come up and keeping up to date. Let’s keep ourselves, our families and our community safe.