A message about bullying

by Dianne Smith


In our First Nation way, we do not bully any person. We are taught to be careful of how we talk to people, friends, and family. The words we use can hurt others.

Elders teachings say that we need to be careful of how we treat or talk to people because we do not know their life story. When in a group, we cannot hurt others or playmates, we are not to touch, laugh, make hurtful remarks. The words we use can stay within their hearts and this can stay within one’s self and affect how they think of themself. The only way to get over the hurtful words is to say sorry.

Traditional Law: We need to be careful when we are with other people. We are not allowed to say hurtful words, or make fun of them, or say hurtful remarks. When we laugh, use hurtful words, or we hit someone, that person gets hurt real bad. The family needs to hold a potlatch and ask for forgiveness.

There is much bullying and mobbing in school, the workplace, communities, and at home.

It is the responsibility of the head of the family in the homes to talk to the ones that are bullying others, because by law this can come back to the caretakers. The head of family could be charged or be asked to repair the damage of a property that is caused by a person, child, or family member. This can become very serious.

If you’re being bullied and need someone to talk to, phone Bullying Canada at 1 (877) 352-4497.