Expression of Interest:
Design the metal screen in the new
Kwanlin Dün First Nation Community Hub Building

Please review the full application and contact Leighann at 334-2012 if you have any questions.

Scope of Work

Kwanlin Dün First Nation (KDFN) is in the process of constructing a new Community Hub Building that is scheduled for completion in summer 2021. The design of this building reflects the Kwanlin Dün community, its heritage and its culture. When viewed from above, the shape of the building resembles a leaping fish to symbolize KDFN’s connection to the river.

KDFN is seeking applications from KDFN citizens to design the images that will appear on a metal screen that will be located on the second floor of the building.

The design should be:

  • Visually appealing;
  • Reflective of KDFN culture, heritage or stories;
  • Reflective of who we are as KDFN people;
  • Easily carved with a mechanical tool – Made up of lines and shapes, no colours

Are you eligible to apply? Any Kwanlin Dün Citizen or group of Citizens can apply.

What type of art is eligible? It could be a graphic design, sketch, carving or other medium that fits the proportion / size of the screen. We will use your concept and modify it to be carved by a machine.

That means it could be:

  • an existing piece of art;
  • a piece of art you create for the commission; or
  • a drawing or digital file you have designed.

We recommend that the design:

  • does not use words
  • depicts full figures, so no people or animals are cut or cropped

If you choose to depict the moieties, ensure they are both represented. So, if you depict Wolf then include Crow too and vice-versa.

We will work with the artist to ensure the final piece reflects the intent of the original design. Proposals must be original work and be copyright of the artist/artists. Kwanlin Dün will purchase the original piece of art, if one exists, and license reproduction rights.

Where will this screen be in the building? This screen will be behind the reception area on the second floor.

What is the size of the screen? The screen is 3.784-metres wide by 3.483-metres high.

Who decides which design is selected? KDFN Council has approved the creation of a Community Hub Art Working Group. This group of Citizens will review applications and select the one that best fits the criteria and space. Council will have final approval of all artwork.

Deadline: April 9, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

Application Components

Artists must provide:

  1. Your name, phone number, address and email address.
  2. Your artist biography and/or curriculum vitae (CV). Providing both is preferable but not required. This may include training and education (formal or informal, mentorships etc.) exhibitions, collections, public art commissions, awards, reviews and articles.
  3. Clear images of the proposed artwork. If you are having trouble getting good images of your piece call Leighann at 334-2012 for assistance.
  4. A explanation of the artwork, its significance and why you chose to submit it.
  5. The price to purchase the artwork and rights to reproduce the artwork.

Send complete applications to

If you have any questions about this application process, please contact:

Leighann Chalykoff

Communications Manager

(867) 334-2012