Hey, KDFN citizens,
Hop on over to the community rink for a fun Easter giveaway for families Wednesday, March 31, 4:30 – 6 p.m.
KDFN Heath and Wellness has created family gift bags, and Youth Rec has a fun Easter craft for kids. We’ll give them out until they’re gone.
Drive by or walk up to the skating rink to pick up your package from Council members. We can give out one per household.
Some important things to know:
👉🏼 If you’re driving, please enter at the north end Murphy and turn onto O’Brien. This will help us move people through quickly!
👉🏼 If you’re on foot, they’ll be a place to line up.
👉🏼 All COVID-19 protocols will be followed, including physical distancing and wearing masks.
👉🏼 We cannot start until 4:30pm, so please do not come early.
👉🏼 We have one bag per household to give away. It includes things like hand sanitizer, masks, and a special treat. We will give them out until they’re gone.
👉🏼 This is the only time we’re able to give them out because of COVID protocols.
We wish everyone a wonderful Easter and start to spring!