Citizens! Please take the Range Point Land Planning Survey May 14 to 30, 2021:

During the Community Lands Plan engagement in Fall 2019, KDFN Beneficiaries and Citizens provided input into how parcels of settlement land should be developed within the City of Whitehorse. One of those parcels was C-15B.

Located in the Range Point neighbourhood, north of the Northland mobile home park and next to lower McIntyre Creek, C-15B was identified for residential development and revenue generation by Beneficiaries and Citizens. That direction could make this 15-hectare site the Yukon’s first large scale residential neighbourhood on leased Yukon First Nation Settlement Land.

Land development is a complicated and expensive process, and KDFN is proceeding carefully. In late fall, we partnered with the Government of Yukon (YG) to develop a joint master plan for C-15B and YG’s neighbouring Lot 262-6. Groundswell Planning has been hired to develop the plan with support from KDFN and YG planners and a committee that includes KDFN and YG Economic Development and City of Whitehorse staff.

The master plan will create a general “blueprint” for this new neighbourhood, including housing types, park spaces and trails, roads, and other services (transit, water, sewer, etc.) The plan will need to address the housing needs and preferences of future residents and keep development costs low, while protecting environmental and heritage values. The final master plan will be presented to Chief and Council, who will decide how – or whether – to proceed.

This would be KDFN’s first major residential development, and we want to make sure that it makes our nation proud. We’ll be reaching out to citizens for feedback throughout the process, with the first round happening between May 14 and 30. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be presenting some draft neighbourhood ideas to the KDFN community by the middle of summer!

Range Point Master Plan Background Information – Downloadable PDF


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