Kwanlin Dün First Nation is seeking applicants to serve as a Trustee. Trustees are responsible for managing KDFN’s Trust.
It is important that our Trust Committee is diverse and represents our entire community.
✔ To be a Trustee you must:
• Be a KDFN Beneficiary, as defined in the KDFN Constitution.
• Not be a senior member of KDFN government (i.e., Council, Director or Senior Manager);
• Not be subject to any receivership or bankruptcy proceeding; and
• Not be, or have been in the past 10 years, convicted of an indictable criminal offence.
✔ What does a Trustee do?
• Work in the best interest of KDFN;
• Understand the Trust in its entirety;
• Take training as provided;
• Maintain confidentiality and exercise discretion;
• Work as a team player with other Trustees;
• Review and approve the Trust’s budget and financial reporting; and
• Make investment decisions for the Trust’s assets.
Applications will be received up to 4:30pm on August 13, 2021.
For more information, please contact KDFN Finance Director Gordon Campbell:
Phone: (867) 334-6891