KDFN COVID ALERT Issued by KDFN Council:
This notice is to advise KDFN citizens of two confirmed COVID cases in the KDFN McIntyre community.
For the next 2 weeks, KDFN government will be moving into Phase II of the pandemic plan, with some adjustments, which means we will be adding extra precautions. Some of our services will be scaled back again, depending on the risk, and depending on COVID cases. Dusk’a will remain open with added precautions, it is an essential service. This is in effect until June 25th which will allow time to follow through with contact tracing.
We urge you to get your vaccination. If you need assistance, please call the Health Centre at 668-7289 and they can assist you. You can also contact the COVID testing centre at 393-3083. The KDFN Health centre is actively doing testing for those people that are symptomatic and those that are in known contact with a confirmed case. KDFN health centre is working closely with the Yukon Communicable Disease Centre.
Everyone is reminded to continue to follow the safe 6:
• Keep your distance, wear your mask
• Keep your hands clean
• If you feel sick, stay home
• Avoid crowds
• Consider the risks before travelling
• Self-isolate, if necessary, this means not going out and not having people over
We ask that citizens do their part to reduce spread:
• refrain from gatherings in your home, now is not the time to party, they will be shut down;
• if you have symptoms, you must stay home;
• the Chief Medical Officer stresses that if you have any chronic medical conditions or addictions, you must take extra precautions because you are more at risk of having severe symptoms should you get COVID;
• get vaccinated; and,
• report any violations of covid restrictions to COVID Enforcement at 393-6210. Please note this number does not accept 3rd party complaints, if you see it, you must report it.
• Most of all, be kind to one another, let’s be supportive, this is a very tough time but we will get through this.
If you have any questions, please call the Health Centre. There are rumours going around, get your information from a credible source. We continually monitor the situation and are up to date on all things COVID!
There are now 13 confirmed active cases in the territory. Dr. Hanley has confirmed that five (5) of these are the P.1 (Gamma) variant of concern, which spreads more quickly. Further testing is happening and contact tracing is on-going. Twelve of the 13 cases announced, since Saturday, June 5th were individuals not vaccinated. One person who was vaccinated, tested positive, is recovering with mild symptoms. Two of the three people hospitalized have been medevacked to hospitals outside the territory.