Expression of Interest:
KDFN’s Kenädän Kų̀ House of Learning is seeking a beadwork pin designer and teacher for Orange Shirt Day craft workshops
Preference will be given to KDFN Citizens who apply.
KDFN is seeking a skilled craftsperson to:
– design a beaded pin to commemorate Orange Shirt Day (September 30, 2021);
– create a prototype;
– help put together instructions and supply kits; and
– teach others how to create their own pins.
So, the design should:
– Be easily reproduced by people who may not be skilled in bead work;
– Take roughly 2 to 5 hours to complete; and
– Use materials that are easily sourced (i.e., seed beads, hide).
Workshops will take place in person at KDFN’s Kenädän Kų̀ House of Learning, online with technical support from KDFN, and possibly also in schools.
This contract will start early August and run until complete, likely the end of September.
To apply, please send images of your beadwork and a list of past teaching / other related experience to Cynthia James at:
– Cynthia.James@kdfn.net
– 867-633-8422
Deadline: July 26, 2021