Meet the two new additions to KDFN’s Heritage, Lands and Resources Operations team, Kluane Clarke and Errol Ekholm.

As Fishery Technician Trainees, Kluane and Errol will help support KDFN’s Takhini River Chinook Salmon Sonar project and other fishery projects. They will also take training to support other KDFN programming.

Errol Ekholm
My name is Errol Ekholm. I’m a descendant of the
Ta’an and Tagish Kwan people and a beneficiary of Kwanlin Dün First Nation.

My great great-grandmother is Maggie Boss, daughter of Mundessa and Klande (Łande) and sister of Chief Jim Boss. My great-grandparents are Agnes Broeren of Laberge and Captain Frank Slim of Marsh Lake, my grandmother is Virginia Lindsay, (nee Slim) parents are Maxine Lindsay and Tim Ekholm. I belong to the Wolf Clan.Some of my hobbies include playing hockey, fly fishing, and working on my car. I am really enjoying my fisheries technician job and learning all about the salmon and rivers in our Traditional Territory.

Kluane Clarke
My name is Kluane Clarke. My First Nation name is
Udan Cha’, which means “kind”. This name was gifted to me by May Roberts of Little Salmon Carmacks. I am Northern Tutchone and a beneficiary of Kwanlin Dün First Nation. My great-grandmother is Jessie Isaac of Selkirk, and my great-grandfather is Soloman Charlie of Aishihik and Chief of Cracker Creek. My grandparents are Meta and Cary Bailie and my parents are Tina Bailie and Tom Clarke. I belong to the Wolf Clan.I was born and raised in Whitehorse. I grew up in the community and am quite familiar with everyone. I have a huge appreciation for nature and I am stoked to be working as a fisheries technician trainee and to be a part of the Operations team!