April 29, 2022


Kwanlin Dün First Nation announces first-time homeowner
lottery for Citizens and Beneficiaries

Whitehorse — Kwanlin Dün First Nation announced a lottery today for five single-family homes on Macaulay Road in McIntyre Subdivision. The lottery is open to all Kwanlin Dün Citizens and Beneficiaries, 19 years of age or older, who are first-time homeowners.

Citizens and Beneficiaries interested in the lottery can apply for a First Nation Market Housing Loan, guaranteed by KDFN. KDFN will provide a $6,575 grant to each lottery winner to be used towards the down payment or purchase price of their home. The price is set at $263,000, to be affordable and to cover development costs.

The lottery will open on Wednesday, June 8th. All applicants will need to complete a Kwanlin Dün Citizen Statutory Declaration form, and submit a land lottery application and $500 deposit to the Heritage, Lands and Resources department by Wednesday, July 13, 2022 at 4 p.m.. The lottery will be held on July 27, 2022.


The five Macaulay Road homes are:

  • Lot 432 (3 Macaulay Road);
  • Lot 331 (10 Macaulay Road);
  • Lot 332 (12 Macaulay Road);
  • Lot 333 (14 Macaulay Road); and
  • Lot 430 (1 Wylie Crescent).

The Macaulay Road Home Lottery follows the successful completion of KDFN’s Porter Creek Land Lottery in 2021. Through this lottery, KDFN issued its first 125-year residential leases on Settlement Land to five KDFN Citizens.

In November 2021, 30 KDFN Citizens and Beneficiaries entered the Porter Creek Lottery. Five names were drawn by Elder Dianne Smith. The winners were Kailen Gingell, Bruce Campbell, Shirley Dawson, Doronn Fox and Kaiden McIntyre.

Each winner has signed a lease and building agreement with KDFN, committing to build a house on the lot within three years.

KDFN has registered the leases in the Yukon Land Titles Office (LTO), which gives lease-holders a Certificate of Leasehold Title and allows them to secure a mortgage and other financing from a bank.




“Creating homeownership opportunities for KDFN people on Settlement Land is an important step forward in our journey to self-determination and realizing the vision of our final and self-government agreements. Supporting people to own their own homes is one way we’re building a strong and stable future for Kwanlin Dün families.”


— Kwanlin Dün Councillor Jesse Ryder




  • KDFN built five single-family homes on Macaulay Road and Wylie Crescent in McIntyre in 2019 and 2020. Each house is 753-square feet and includes: two bedrooms, one bathroom, and an open concept kitchen, dining and living area.
  • The homes are part of Council’s strategy to provide more homeownership opportunities for all Citizens and Beneficiaries.
  • KDFN has partnered with Canada’s First Nation Market Housing Program and the First Nations Bank of Canada to help KDFN Citizens and Beneficiaries become first-time homeowners. The program helps Citizens and Beneficiaries secure a loan to purchase, construct or renovate a home on Settlement Land. KDFN guarantees the loan with the bank.
  • KDFN will provide a $6,575 grant to each lottery winner to be used towards the down payment or purchase price of their home.
  • Homes will be offered as an allocation to KDFN Citizens and Beneficiaries. This guarantees KDFN Citizens and Beneficiaries exclusive rights to live on or use the land, and to pass it on to future generations. Allocations are only transferable to KDFN Citizens and Beneficiaries. There is no time limit or term on an allocation.