KDFN is recruiting nurses and support workers for Sarah’s House

McIntyre, will be a residence for men who need support managing their day-to-day health needs and chronic alcohol use.

Residents will get medically prescribed doses of alcohol through a Managed Alcohol Program. This will be the first residence with this program in Canada’s north.

The intent is to:
• stabilise drinking patterns;
• eliminate the need for binge drinking;
• help decrease alcohol consumption over time;
• reduce some negative impacts of chronic alcohol use.

The residence is named for Sarah MacIntosh, who used to live in the home with Wendy Carlick. Both women were well known in the community for their kindness and compassion. In 2017, they were murdered. KDFN worked with the MacIntosh family to name the home after Sarah to honour and remember the positive impact she had on the community.

Call the Natsékhi Kų` Health Centre for more information 867-668-7289.


KDFN is investing $500,000 in addictions and trauma treatment

Get funding for a private trauma and substance use treatment program in Canada. To be eligible:

• You must be a KDFN citizen, spouse, or immediate family member
• There is no other way for you to get funding for treatment.
• You need to complete some pre-program work to prepare for the treatment program
• You need to attend a minimum number of counseling sessions.

Call the Natsékhi Kų` Health Centre to apply 867-668-7289.

Nurses at the Natsékhi Kų` Health Centre can now test drugs for fentanyl and benzodiazepines.

How does it work?

• Bring in a small amount of a street drug, such as heroine, cocaine or methamphetamine, to be tested.
• Offered when the Health Centre is open.
• This service is completely anonymous and no client names are recorded or released.
Other supports available through the Health Centre and the Whitehorse Outreach Van.
• safe needle exchange;
• Naloxone training and kit distribution;
• drug use harm reduction education and referrals;
• drug testing and safe drug disposal; and
• dispensing Suboxone (a prescription treatment for people addicted to opioids).
Call the Natsékhi Kų` Health Centre for more information 867-668-7289.