The Heritage, Lands & Resource Office received three applications for the Macaulay Road Home Lottery.

Since only three eligible citizens entered the lottery, and each applicant successfully selected the home of their choice, there is no need to hold a formal lottery draw.

The three winners are: 

1. Ticket 2022-01, Sarah Thibodeau: Lot No. 430 (1 Wylie Cres.)

2. Ticket 2022-02, Cheyenne Bradley: Lot No. 333 (14 Macaulay Rd.)

3. Ticket 2022-03, Daniel Cletheroe: Lot No. 332 (12 Macaulay Rd.)

Congratulations to all of the new homeowners! Macaulay Lottery Award Sheet.

The Heritage, Lands & Resource Office will contact all successful applicants to arrange the next steps.

Council is determining the best method to offer the remaining houses to KDFN Beneficiaries and Citizens. An announcement will occur in the coming weeks.

Questions? email:, call: (867) 633-7800 or visit: