KDFN Whitehorse Water Use Relicensing Project survey

Survey is available:

The water use licence for the Whitehorse dams will expire on May 31, 2025. YEC must renew this license to continue operating the dams. This renewal process is KDFN’s first opportunity to influence the dam relicensing since signing its 2005 Final and Self-Government agreements.
KDFN aims to ensure the relicensing process:
  • Represents and prioritizes KDFN’s interests;
  • Preserves or enhances environmental, cultural, and heritage values in the Southern Lakes region, and the health and wellbeing of the KDFN community; and
  • Acknowledges the historical and ongoing impacts of the dams, such as through compensation.
Your feedback will help the project team and advisory committee identify KDFN community values, priorities, and concerns related to the project.

To find out more or share comments, contact:
Project Manager – Emily McDougall
Phone: 867-334-2115
Email: emily.mcdougall@kdfn.net