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Last January, 27-year-old KDFN Citizen Daniella Charlie completed the Yukon First Nations Arts program at Yukon University.

Daniella had a little experience doing some freehand beading and drum making before the program, but now they’ve taken their creativity to the next level.

“I wanted to learn more of the artwork because I never got taught any of that growing up,” says Daniella.

Over four months, Daniella learned how to bead, sew, embroider, work with porcupine quills, and more. It all culminated in their final project – making moccasins complete with moose hair tufting.

“She’s done really well in the program. She passed everything and got good marks,” says teacher Darlene Scurvey.

Congratulations Daniella! We wish you nothing but the best as you continue your art journey!