Hey KDFN! Check out this story from the Kwanlin Dän Ch’a newsletter. Printing of the latest newsletter has been delayed. For now, we’re releasing these stories online, and they’ll be hitting mailboxes later on this spring.

The Youth Rec team had an exciting variety of programs and camps between October and January.

We spent several days on the land learning about Indigenous hunting practices and ethics, had a Halloween and Christmas party, music and swimming lessons, volleyball, BYTE and Skills Canada workshops, skiing and snowboarding at Mt. Sima and much more.

We were excited to resume our afterschool program, seeing upwards of thirty youth, ages 6 to 12, on Tuesdays to Fridays at the Multi Purpose Building.

We would like to extend a huge Shä̀w níthän, Másin cho, GunałchÎsh, and thank you to the Community Safety Officers and RCMP who support our programs on a regular basis.