Ntl’eo shäwkwathan. Good morning KDFN!

Share your thoughts on the Whitehorse Water-Use Relicensing Project! You can submit your comments to the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board (YESAB).

Follow this link and click “Add a comment”- https://yesabregistry.ca/projects/7ba99e38-32c6-495a-a878-60298176ee8b/activity

The deadline to submit your comment is Tuesday, April 30.

If you need help with your comment, please contact Emily McDougall at emily.mcdougall@kdfn.net or 867-334-2115. Or, Roy Neilson at roy.neilson@kdfn.net or 867-332-1717.

Find more info about the Whitehorse Water-Use Relicensing Project at kwanlindun.com/wwurp