March 24 is World Tuberculosis (TB) Day.

Q: What is Tuberculosis?

A: An airborne infection caused by bacteria, most often affecting the lungs. It is spread when somebody who has the infection coughs, sneezes or spits, and another person inhales their germs. Every year, 10 million people fall ill with tuberculosis.

1,971 active tuberculosis (TB) cases were reported in Canada in 2022 (via the government of Canada’s website). It is important to be aware of the disease and its risks.

It is preventable and curable, though 1.5 million people die from TB each year worldwide.

If you are a KDFN Citizen and have concerns about to TB, ask to see a nurse by phoning or dropping in to the Natsʼekhì Kų̀ Health Centre.

To learn more about Tuberculosis, visit the World Health Organization’s website here:

Tuberculosis in Canada study: