Lights of life

A Lights of Life tree has been put up in the Natsékhi Kų̀ Health Centre healing room. Lights of Life is a way to remember our loved ones who’ve passed on. We invite you to stop by and hang a tag on the tree in memory of those you’re missing. You can do so on…

Phrases of the week – December 7

Check out these Southern Tutchone Phrases of the week recorded by Pricilla Dawson! Turn on your sound to hear the pronunciations. Mą chʼäw? – Who is it? It is a little child. – Dunèna chʼe. It is a child. – Dunèn chʼe. It is a baby. – Bibìa chʼe. Stay tuned for more phrases to…

Send us your land questions!

Hey KDFN! Over the next few months we’re answering questions about land. From Historical Submissions to traditional use and residential leases, we’re talking about it all. Send us your land questions by email at or call Jimmy Kennedy at 867-334-2746.

Update your address

Remember to update your address with the registrar! Sometimes we need to mail Citizens things, so it’s important we have your mailing address updated. You can update your address on our website here: Or contact the registrar here: email; or phone 867-633-7800, ext. 131

Pathways Craft Fair

Come by the Kashgêk’ building on December 15 to see what crafts KDFN Citizens have to offer at the Pathways Craft Fair. Pick up a holiday present for family and friends! If you are a KDFN Citizen and want to sell your crafts at the fair, contact Amanda Calbery: 867-334-5233

Southern Tutchone lessons

Ever wanted to learn Southern Tutchone? Sign up for language lessons with Pricilla Dawson! Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5 p.m. – 7 p.m., Kenädän Kų – House of Learning Crow Room Snacks and drinks provided. Please register with Pricilla Dawson:

Drop-in sewing

Join us every Wednesday for Pathways Drop-in Sewing Nights! 5 to 7 p.m. at Kenädän Kų̀ House of Learning. Drop-in Sewing Nights will run until December 13, then continue in the new year. Questions? Phone Jackie Callahan at 867-332-5040. Snacks and refreshments available. See you there!